Extraordinary Life In 1993

Extraordinary Life In 1993 Chinese drama
Song Xiaofeng accidentally time-travels to 1993 and starts a business together with his father Song Jian as a friend, and under the influence of Song Jian and Hu Ruoxi, grows up to go from a depressed man to become a great commercial strategist.

City Of The City

City Of The City Chinese drama
In the backdrop of Lujiazui Financial City in Shanghai, a fierce clash unfolds among bank newcomer Tao Wuji, branch VP Zhao Hui, and audit chief Miao Che, revolving around interests and

Small Town Stories

Small Town Stories Chinese drama
Mu Di, a Suona professional woman with a high decree of education and ability, went back home to recover from an injury. There she meets Bai Lang, a smart and capable

The Swimsuit Saga

The Swimsuit Saga Chinese Drama
In 1978, Peng Jinxi, a 20-year-old native of Xingcheng, Liaoning Province, was reported by his love rival Qin Sheng as a "speculator" and imprisoned. He lost the qualification to go to university. After Peng Jinxi was

The Legend Of Jewelry

The Legend Of Jewelry Chinese drama
In the early Tang Dynasty, a girl fishing for pearls in Hepu escaped from the pearl field in the Dragon Boat Festival to escape from suffering. At a critical moment, the poet Zhang Jin Ran came to help her escape. n

A Wonderful Journey

A Wonderful Journey Chinese drama
It follows the Glorious Taxi Company and its drivers as they navigate the streets of Chiayi. The main theme of the series is the idea that "as long as the car keeps running,

Imagination Season

Imagination Season Chinese drama
About four friends in university who meet after graduation and decide to start a business together. They prepare to use the mindset of the Internet generation coupled with a whole new business model, to serve