A Wonderful Journey

A Wonderful Journey Chinese drama
It follows the Glorious Taxi Company and its drivers as they navigate the streets of Chiayi. The main theme of the series is the idea that "as long as the car keeps running,

Imagination Season

Imagination Season Chinese drama
About four friends in university who meet after graduation and decide to start a business together. They prepare to use the mindset of the Internet generation coupled with a whole new business model, to serve

Created In China

Created In China Chinese drama
In the late 1990s, Liu Jun who studied in Germany returns to his hometown of Donghai. Following the tide of the times, he is determined to modernize his father's old machinery factory with leading technology.

Blossoms Shanghai

Blossoms Shanghai Chinese drama
Set against the backdrop of massive economic growth in the 1990s, it follows A Bao, a self-made millionaire, and his journey from being a young opportunist with a troubled past to accumulating dazzling wealth in Shanghai.

Flourished Peony

Flourished Peony Chinese drama
He Weifang, whose childhood was Mu Dan, was born as the daughter of a merchant. Because of her frail health, she had no choice but to marry into a noble and meritorious family to sheer back luck and sickness — the Liu family. But life after marriage was unsatisfying.