A Wonderful Journey

A Wonderful Journey Chinese drama
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Title: A Wonderful Journey

Chinese Title: 華麗計程車行 (华丽计程车行) / Huai Li Ji Cheng Che Xing

Broadcast Network: Line TV, CTS

Broadcast Date: 18 February 2024

Genre: Business

Screenwriters: Lin Chia Hui, Lin Mei Hui

Directors: Ching Shen Chuang, Oftendo Huang

Producer: Hsu Gou Lun

Production Company: CHOCO Media, CTSCompany: CHOCO Media, CTS

Episodes: 10

A Wonderful Journey Synopsis

It follows the Glorious Taxi Company and its drivers as they navigate the streets of Chiayi. The main theme of the series is the idea that “as long as the car keeps running, even if it gets lost, there will be new scenery,” symbolizing the journey of life with its ups and downs. Each episode explores different aspects of the city’s culture, events, and the spirit of its people.

A Wonderful Journey Cast

Main Roles

Cao You Ning as Chen Po Wen
Kuo Chi Chien as Chen Yuan Sen / Brother San / Dong Zai
Yang Li Yin as Dong Niang
Huang Guan Zhi as Chen Po Han

Supporting Roles

Cheng Yu Xi as Wei Hsin I (Chen Po Wen’s fiancee)
Yu An Shun as A Hsi
Li Li Ren as A Shin
Gail Lin as A Li
Yi Zheng as Ding Li De (third uncle)
Sean Sun as A Rong
Huang Shu Mei as A Hsia
Jean Ho as Ya Ting
Tung Yi Chun as A Hong
Ji Xin Ling as Mei Gui
Annie Ngyuen as Wen Yu
Ying Tsai Ling as A Hong’s wife
Wang Man Chiao as Yu Chu
Arlena Zhang as Hsiao Chuang

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