Tell No One

Tell No One Chinese drama
Zheng Ying, an old police officer who is about to retire, goes undercover as an overseas businessman to trade with Liu Qing's gang. However, he mysteriously disappeared after he successfully caught the gang red-handed.

Smile Code

Smile Code Chinese drama
It tells the story of a down-and-out part-time talk show actress and an aloof male audience member suffering from alexithymia who get close to each other and heal each other. A love story of a

Ski Into Love

Ski Into Love Chinese drama
Manga artist Wei Zhi loses her pen name and copyrights after a scandal, turning to skiing for a fresh start. At Beishan Snow Resort, she encounters coach Shan Chong, a former snowboarder. Wei Zhi's

The Hunter

The Hunter Chinese drama
In the peaceful coastal town of Sanping City, the anti-narcotics brigade accidentally seized a batch of new methamphetamine during an operation. Its scale and purity were extremely rare. Sanping Public

Da Guo Nian De

Da Guo Nian De Chinese drama
As the Chinese New Year approaches, the day when thousands of families reunite, 30-year-old Gu Xiaomei encounters a crisis of love and family relationships at the same time. In a few years, Gu Xiaomei and her childhood sweetheart husband,

Rose And Gun

Rose And Gun Chinese drama
Tang Xin, an independent woman, is a workaholic and never thinks that marriage is a necessary thing in life. At the strong request of her father, she meets Wu Si, her blind date. Wu Si is an excellent military

People’s Police

People's Police Chinese drama
Ten years ago, when Zhao Haiyang and Fang Fang were chasing the murderer of a family extermination case, Zhao Haiyang's unusual behavior alerted the gangster,

Perfect Her

Perfect Her Chinese drama
Housewife Bai Li encounters a marriage change, and her souls are exchanged with the third party involved in the marriage, Ning Mochen, who is also a wealthy daughter. Bai Li was forced to get involved in the grudges of wealthy families, and used the identity of Ning Mochen to outsmart her scumbag ex-husband.

Notes Of DNA Appraiser

Notes Of DNA Appraiser Chinese drama
Tells the story of Xu Ziqi, a new DNA paternity tester, under the guidance of Mo Li, director of the Xinnuo Paternity Testing Center, and joins hands with the passionate young man Zhu Xinchen to fearlessly face the challenges that are coming one after

The Wind Of Journey

The Wind Of Journey Chinese drama
It tells the story of 28-year-old Xu Youfeng from Beidiao, who returned to his hometown of Sichuan to fulfill his competitor's last wish and met Xie Guitu, the inheritor of Sichuan cuisine, an intangible cultural heritage.