All Rise

All Rise Chinese drama
A group of legal interns are engaged in a workplace battle royale ("top offer competition"), but they find the exciting offers of their lives in the fierce jungle law.

The Irresistible Boyfriend

The Irresistible Boyfriend Chinese drama
Gu Xintian went from being a college graduate with nothing to a successful career woman with money, beauty, and three boyfriends. Facing three suitors, Gu Xintian felt extremely guilty about her feelings, but did not want to disappoint them. So after going through the three stages of alienation, self-blame, and being moved, Gu Xintian decided to take the three men seriously, and at the

Double Love

Double Love Chinese drama
Directed by Mao Seqiang, with Jin Guodong as the chief screenwriter, Ji Yi and Wang Xi as screenwriters, and starring Qi Yucheng, Lu Dongxu and others, the drama "Double Love" started filming recently. The drama tells the mystery of the wrong love of

Your Trap

Your Trap Chinese drama
Han Qing is an emotional counselor who is asked by a client to investigate her husband's infidelity. She becomes the personal assistant of Feng Siqian, the chairman of Huajing Group, and is forced to get involved in a carefully planned conspiracy.

Love In The Tea Garden

Love In The Tea Garden Chinese drama
Ye Xiyan, the daughter of the Ye Group, was in a car accident while on a field trip. She was rescued by Lu Mingyu, the owner of the tea garden in Guyan Village, who happened to pass by. To avoid danger,

Hello! Mr. Convex

Hello! Mr. Convex Chinese drama
Li Xipu has had a dream since he was a child, but he has been ridiculed because of his appearance. After failing in the competition, he was noticed by the producer and formed the group

Save It For The Honeymoon

Save It For The Honeymoon Chinese drama
At the welcome meeting of the new general manager, everyone cheered, but when the new manager slowly turned around, he turned out to be a charming and charming person wearing only a nightgown - Lin Xuenong

Present is Present

Present is Present Chinese drama
Although Yuan Xia grew up in difficulties, she always looked toward the sunny environment. Running in both directions with Wei Zi Qi, they travel through time and space. In countless parallel universes,