Princess Agents season 2 plot, synopsis and expectations.

After watching Princess Agents, I find myself begging for a second season of the drama. The drama left us with a cliffhanger and it is hard to forget about it. 58 episodes were not enough to complete the whole story. I can’t help but to wonder why didn’t the production team make it 60 episodes. I believe the reason why we may not have Princess Agents season 2, is because the remaining story/plot will not be enough to make over 10 episodes.
The only thing that we need to know about the drama is whether Yuwen Yue and Chu Qiao will survive or not? Will that take 10 episodes? I also don’t believe the continuation of the drama will be a bad investment since the drama itself is one of the greatest. In your opinion do you think that Yuwen Yue and Chu Qiao will survive? Give reason for your answer in the comments.
Princess Agents

I believe they will survive and Chu Qiao will achieve her goal of freeing the slaves. Yuwen Yue will also survive because of the wind and cloud decree, which appeared on Chu Qiao on the last episode. Firstly the use of wind and cloud decree is not yet fully explained, unless I missed that part. All we know about the wind and cloud decree is that it can control the underworld, what if it also has some hidden power? There are still many things that have to be cleared in this drama. We don’t know who killed Chu Qiao’s mother, we also don’t know how will Chang’an and Yinbei make peace. Another thing, I have a feeling that the old man who helped Chu Qiao regain some of her memory, is actually Chu Qiao’s father. If he wasn’t related to her, why would he keep protecting her in secret? A second season of Princess Agents is a must do, but chances of us getting season 2 are low. If it was possible, I’d have already produced season 2 by now.

If we get another season of Princess Agents here is what will happen.

– Chu Qiao will take Yuwen Yue and escape through and underground tunnel in the icy lake.

-Yuwen Yue will be saved by the wind and cloud decree.

– The emperor of Wei state will die and the seventh Prince will take over.

– People will declare Chu Qiao and Yuwen Yue dead, after searching for them.

– Chu Qiao will take revenge for her mother after the killer is revealed.

– After the war, Chu Qiao and Yuwen Yue will live in seclusion.

All these are just speculations of a curious fan.


  1. I just finished reading the English translation of Princess Agents Parts I and II and compared it with the Vietnamese translation entitled "Dac Cong Hoang Phi So Kieu Truyen" or "Legend of Chu Qiao" which shed more light to my understanding of the plot, the characters and the episodes subtitled in French, German, and partially English and Vietnamese. As it is such a good film and good actors (I love them all, but especially Lin Genxing and Zhao Liying), it's a shame that the communication available on Youtube was so bad, as compared to the other Chinese drama series that I am discovering. Reading the Vietnamese version by whitenavy on wattpad is a real treat and I have used it to brush up my knowledge on Han-viet culture. I really look forward to Season 2, although I am also apprehensive that it might not meet the expectations of readers who appreciate the book. Thank you for all efforts for creating these platforms for interacting with each other online, after such a long time since the launch of the film.

  2. I love this series so much and now im watching it for the third time since 2020…..nd i believe that Yuwen yue and chu will survive unde that ice because chu was trained by her mom to survive under an ice plus as for yuwen i believe he can also,that man got more than enough training to not know how to survive under an ice

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