Mini Drama

Fei Yang De Qing Chun

Fei Yang De Qing Chun Chinese drama
This drama tells the story of young college students in Jinshi Town, a small town in southern China, who return to their hometown to start a business. The male

The Hunter

The Hunter Chinese drama
In the peaceful coastal town of Sanping City, the anti-narcotics brigade accidentally seized a batch of new methamphetamine during an operation. Its scale and purity were extremely rare. Sanping Public

Under The Glory

Under The Glory Chinese drama
Lu Zhenting, who made a fortune in his early years, had a mediocre nature. Although his property accounted for half of Jiangcheng, his health was deteriorating

Xiao Yuan Man

Xiao Yuan Man Chinese drama
A writer contracted by Meng Sheng Culture. Yu Jing and Gu Jiahui have been busy with their careers for three years and have no time to prepare for pregnancy. Mother-in-law Chen Guihua and her niece came to the hospital uninvited to give birth, almost

Chasing Love

Chasing Love Chinese drama
Nan Si, the favored concubine of the Wu Dynasty, had a fetal abnormality during the war, resulting in premature labor and her life was in danger. Emperor Cang Hanyu made a contract with the high priest to save his lover's life, and in exchange for his

Da Guo Nian De

Da Guo Nian De Chinese drama
As the Chinese New Year approaches, the day when thousands of families reunite, 30-year-old Gu Xiaomei encounters a crisis of love and family relationships at the same time. In a few years, Gu Xiaomei and her childhood sweetheart husband,

My Piggy Boss

My Piggy Boss Chinese drama
Junior corporate worker Yang Xiaozhu unexpectedly became the executive assistant to Zhu Xiaoyang, the president of a color light manufacturing company, who has to be at work every morning at six o'clock. After being sternly dismissed by Zhu Xiaoyang due to a work mistake, Yang Xiaozhu found a

Life Is Drama

Life Is Drama Chinese drama
Following a family tragedy, Shangguan Chuxia loses her memory and gets adopted. Her new name is Feng Dongdong. A chance encounter with Yun Su leads to a surprising revelation about her origin and past. In order to get to the bottom of what

Dusk Love

Dusk Love Chinese drama
To create her own brand Yu Ni, the future heir of the Jane family, Jian Moran, deliberately approached the male model Huo Jinyan and wanted him to be her boyfriend. She believed that Huo Jinyan was an 18th-line male model.