The Swimsuit Saga

The Swimsuit Saga Chinese Drama
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Title: The Swimsuit Saga

Chinese Title: 乘风踏浪 / Cheng Feng Ta Lang

Also known As: Legend of Bikini

Broadcast Network: iQiyi

Broadcast Date: 29 March 2024

Genre: Period, Business, Comedy

Director: Zhang Si Lin

Screenwriter: Xu Zheng Chao

Production Company: Straw Bears Film, Shine Asia

Episodes: 36

The Swimsuit Saga Synopsis

In 1978, Peng Jinxi, a 20-year-old native of Xingcheng, Liaoning Province, was reported by his love rival Qin Sheng as a “speculator” and imprisoned. He lost the qualification to go to university. After Peng Jinxi was released from prison, he started a business of producing and selling swimming trunks. His girlfriend Luo Hong never left her. They overcame many difficulties and got married.

Peng Jinxi became the first “ten thousand yuan household” in the local area. In the early 1980s, when the policy was liberalized, distant relatives Jia Weimin and others imitated Peng Jinxi in setting up a workshop to make swimwear, and began to start a price war with him. Peng Jinxi and his wife saw the tricks, which not only consolidated the local market, but also united their peers. Peng Jinxi led the way to “revitalize the city” Swimsuit” went national. In the 1990s,

Peng Jinxi encountered the double attack of Qin Sheng’s revenge and market rectification and fell into a trough. He remained optimistic. With his extraordinary wisdom, he found a breakthrough after many ups and downs, established a formal factory and an independent brand, and successfully broke through. After that, Peng Jinxi and his wife led “Xingcheng Swimwear” to ride the wind and waves and become the world’s largest swimwear production base. One out of every four swimsuits in the world is produced by Xingcheng people.

The Swimsuit Saga Cast

Qiao Shan as Peng Jinxi
Yang Zi Shan as Luo Hong
Liu Jia as Mother Peng
Tang Jian Jun as Luo Shifu
Yu Yang as Luo Weimin
Zhang Rui Han as Peng Jindong
Han Yun Yun as Peng Jinxiu
Feng Man as Luo Xian
Liu Qiu Shi as Qin Sheng
Jia Jin Jin as Sun Shufen
Dou Zhi as Xiao Dong Zi

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