The Legend Of Jewelry

The Legend Of Jewelry Chinese drama
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Title: The Legend Of Jewelry

Chinese Title: 珠帘玉幕 / Zhu Lian Yu Mu

Broadcast Network: Youku

Broadcast Date:

Genre: Historical, Business, Romance

Director: Xie Ze, Chen Xi Tai

Screenwriter: Fu Tian, Zhang Rong, Wang Chen, Ma Sha Sha

Producer: Wang Ying, Dong Run

Art Director: Zhang Xue Kun

Costume Designer: Han Guang Ren

Production Company: Laoyou Film, YinheKuyu Media

Episodes: 38

The Legend Of Jewelry Synopsis

In the early Tang Dynasty, a girl fishing for pearls in Hepu escaped from the pearl field in the Dragon Boat Festival to escape from suffering. At a critical moment, the poet Zhang Jin Ran came to help her escape. To figure out her past, Duan Wu joined the Su Te Hang merchant Yan Zi Jing’s caravan and relied on her flexible mind to do a lot of jewelry business. She also gained a deep friendship with Yue Yun Xiu, the lady of Nianyu.

Through Yan Zi Jing’s guidance, Duan Wu, who only knew about pearls, opened the door to the jewelry world, but Duan Wu got entangled in the life-and-death game set up by Yan Zi Jing and almost died. To figure out the truth, Duan Wu went to Yangzhou and became famously known as “tortoiseshell armor”. Together with Yue Yun Xiu, jointly created the Mirror Stage platform. By using jewelry and horse gear to break through the restrictions of local jewelers’ norms and successfully occupy a position in the guild/market.

They created colored glaze and sapphire, introducing colored jewelry into Yangzhou, where only white jewelry was popular, broadening the local aesthetics and becoming the leader of the industry. By chance, she and Zhang Jin Ran reunited, and the two of them won’t miss each other this time. But on the day she finally became the leader of the guild, she was beaten to the bottom by her former ally, Zheng Zhi Heng.

Fortunately, Zhang Jin Ran rescued her when her life was hanging by a thread. After escaping, she confronted Zheng Zhi Heng, once again made a comeback, regained the leadership position of the guild, and led the Yangzhou guild to reach the peak of jewelry art again.

The Legend Of Jewelry Cast

Zhao Lu Si as Duan Wu
Liu Yu Ning as Yan Zijing

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