Xiao Yuan Man

Xiao Yuan Man Chinese drama
A writer contracted by Meng Sheng Culture. Yu Jing and Gu Jiahui have been busy with their careers for three years and have no time to prepare for pregnancy. Mother-in-law Chen Guihua and her niece came to the hospital uninvited to give birth, almost

Romance In The Alley

Romance In The Alley Chinese drama
In the late 1970s, two families, Zhuang and Lin, lived in an alley in the family area of ​​a cotton spinning factory in Suzhou. As the college entrance examination resumes, Zhuang Chaoying, a teacher, and his wife


Unknown Chinese drama
Wei Qian has been the breadwinner of his family since he lost his parents at a young age. Besides providing for his biological little sister, Wei Lili, he has also adopted Wei Zhiyuan as his little brother. Wei Qian


Islands Chinese drama
The vigorous head, Qiao Haiyun, ever set rules that every New Year all family members must go home. No one had broken rules all the time, until the most honest third-generation Li Yijin suddenly broke the tradition to go to her boyfriend’s

Growing Together

Growing Together Chinese drama
Screenwriter Liu Xiangshang has a relatively free schedule in his daily schedule. He is responsible for the education and care of his son Guoning and daughter Guobao at home, while his wife Dai Jing chooses to work in an out-of-town company with a higher salary.

Born To Be The One

Born To Be The One Chinese drama
Shen Lin, who had been a full-time housewife for five years, encountered the unemployment of her husband Na Wei. Both husband and wife were unemployed, their second child was waiting to be fed, and the mortgage loan was approaching

Born To Run

Born To Run Chinese drama
A car accident brings a devastating blow to the families of sisters Xiufang and Xiuli sister Xiufang's only daughter An Xin is a young dance teacher. He was seriously injured and lost his legs; his sister Xiuli's younger son died unfortunately, but her eldest daughter Ruohua escaped.

Xiao Ri Zi

Xiao Ri Zi Chinese drama
Gu Moli and Zhu Jincao struggled from their hometown to take root in Shanghai and start a family. However, marriage brought another problem that shouldn't have been a problem - how to get along with their parents. From the disappearance of personal space to the purchase of a house, from disagreements with

Our Days

Our Days Chinese drama
The eldest is married to a doctor, the second is married to a senior executive, and the third is married to a rich man. The three sisters of the Xiang family are like the ceiling of marriage and love in the entire community

As Husband As Wife

As Husband As Wife
It tells the story of Zhou Quan who submitted his resignation to his original employer with great enthusiasm. It just so happened that his wife Che Li's public account became famous overnight and she was pushed to the position of entrepreneur