Love In The Tea Garden

Love In The Tea Garden Chinese drama
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Title: Love In The Tea Garden

Chinese Title: 恋恋茶园 / Lian Lian Cha Yuan

Also known As: 茗茗之中爱上你 / Ming Ming Zhi Zhong Ai Shang Ni / 千金保镖 / Qian Jin Bao Biao

Broadcast Network: Youku

Broadcast Date: 28 May 2024

Genre: Romance, Healing, Life

Director: He Jia Nan

Producer: Liu Ying

Episodes: 24

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Love In The Tea Garden Synopsis

Ye Xiyan, the daughter of the Ye Group, was in a car accident while on a field trip. She was rescued by Lu Mingyu, the owner of the tea garden in Guyan Village, who happened to pass by. To avoid danger, Ye Xiyan pretended to have lost her memory but was mistaken for a peasant girl Xiufen.

She also accidentally made an engagement with Lu Mingyu?! A sweet and smiling cohabitation life began… However, the appearance of Cui Zihao, the son of Cui Group, broke the tranquility of their cohabitation. Ye Xiyan’s identity as a peasant girl was in doubt. Lu Mingyu’s past as a bodyguard gradually revealed clues. The two people, each with their own thoughts, had many misunderstandings. The conspiracy against the tea garden and Ye Group gradually emerged. Can the two work together to deal with the crisis and stick to their true love?

Love In The Tea Garden Cast

Qi Yan Di as Ye Xiyan
Xiao Zi Mo as Lu Mingyu
Tan Jia Tai as Jiang Chengcheng
Fang Si Chang as Su Qiran

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