Abyss Dweller

Abyss Dweller Chinese drama
The story of the male protagonist Gong Liangshuo who "lost his memory" during a "loyalty test" mission conducted by the Japanese during the isolated island period and fell into danger. In order to regain his identity

All Rise

All Rise Chinese drama
A group of legal interns are engaged in a workplace battle royale ("top offer competition"), but they find the exciting offers of their lives in the fierce jungle law.

An He Zhuan

An He Zhuan Chinese drama
"The Dark River" is the most mysterious assassin organization in the martial arts world, consisting of the Su, Xie, and Mu families, with the leaders of the three families collectively referred to as the Grand Elders.

Shadow Love

Shadow Love Chinese drama
It tells the love-hate story of the adopted daughter of a general and the prince of Xi Rong. Li Shuang, the adopted daughter of a general, guards the frontier of Da Jin. One day, they came across the prince of Xi Rong, Ao Deng

Reborn For Love

Reborn For Love Chinese drama
In order to save her mother, Nan Yan, a "round" girl who is obsessed with farming, stepped into the fairyland, but accidentally planted a "concentric lock" to conclude marriage with Emperor Ji Yang who is hiding his identity by mistake.

Bei Wei Lu Jia Yi Hao

Bei Wei Lu Jia Yi Hao
It mainly revolves around a little-known cross-talk club on Beiwei Road - Wanchun Club. It aims to reflect all living things through the little people in the small garden.

Bian Shui Wang Shi

Bian Shui Wang Shi Chinese drama
The three slopes are a tropical exotic land where fish and dragons are mixed, a mottled place where prosperity and decay coexist. Bai Shenxing, a young worker who unexpectedly lives in Sanbiangpo, meets Uncle Cai, a peacemaker from Sanbipo who wanders among many forces.


Blossom Chinese drama
The first daughter of the Dou family, Dou Zhao, who was abandoned by her husband, was accidentally reborn. She gets to know Song Mo, who is carrying a family grudge.

A Better Life

A Better Life Chinese drama
Hu Manli, a thirty-nine-year-old insurance practitioner, lost her marriage and job at the same time when she thought she was about to reach the peak of her life. Competitors secretly interfered, and Hu Manli was fired from the company, and the instigator turned out to be 28-year-old Xue Xiaozhou.

Always Home

Always Home Chinese drama
From 2008 to 2018, the protagonist Chen Huan'er and his companions grew from ignorant teenagers to adults who have integrated into this society. In these ten years, they learned to see themselves, others, and the world.