Drama Review: Begin Again (Gong Jun, Zhou Yutong)

Gong Jun and Zhou Yutong.

After watching The Oath of love I decided to watch another modern drama about a domineering female ceo and that’s when I remembered Begin again. Begin again is a 2020 chinese drama starring Gong Jun and Zhou Yutong.

First impressions.

There’s a lot to say since this is a contract marriage drama and I have watched a number of modern drama about contract marriage bur it’s the first time I watched one about a domineering female ceo. Zhou Yutong plays Lu Fangning, she isn’t what you normally find in chinese dramas. She is bossy, pays attention to detail and she doesn’t like being girly. I was impressed by her reaction when she saw Ling Rui changing his shirt, she didn’t behave like all these female leads who’d feel shy and cover their eyes. She’s so straightforward, doesn’t care about your feelings and she’s a workaholic. Like all ceos, she has family problems and she’s also living a lonely life. The story had a good start, rushing Lu Fangning to get married inorder to inherit her father’s business and the Rui Ling sacrificing himself by marrying Lu Fangning to cover his aunt’s debts. The first 3 episodes were nothing but awesome especially the Lu Fangning character, she’s killing every moment.

The Good.

1. Storyline.

I just loved the whole story of a domineering female boss who gets into a contract marriage with a doctor. It may sound a bit boring but there are lots of twists. The storyline wasn’t complicated, it was well organized. I also loved the idea of adding a new plot about a stalker, because most people don’t think about the dangers internet celebrities face in public especially women. The story’s foundation is on Lu Fangning’s sister, but they didn’t rush to spill the beans… they kept bringing something new about her case.

2. Chemistry.

The foundation of a modern drama is the chemistry between the characters especially the main leads.
From character to character: The connection between the characters felt real, it didn’t feel like they’re forcing themselves to tap into the character that’s required. I saw Simon, Dr Ling and his friend getting close… That was one of the best scenes in the drama because they were having fun when they portrait those characters, it’s like forming a brotherhood. Tang Pingping and Lu Fangning’s relationship was a bit love-hate, wait… they pretended to hate each other. Tang Pingping always competed with Lu Fangning just to get her praises.
Couple to couple: In most dramas, the main leads are given full attention which is the reason why I end up dropping dramas because they focus on one couple. In this drama things are different, as you kept giving the spotlight on other couples and build them up slowly. Every couple clicked, I liked how they used the last 10 episodes to play around the three couples without boring us with the usual plots.


Firstly, I’m so glad that there was no evil third wheel who would do whatever it takes to get their crush. There was just peace and harmony between them even though some of them started on the wrong foot. Lu Fangning is my favorite character in the story, she was fun to watch. Tang Pingping is one spoiled daddy’s girl who’s always seeking for attention and crying, you know those role model type of girls but I’m glad they didn’t use a character like hers as the main leads. I liked how they changed some of the characters’ normal behavior after the six years time skip, Simon was totally a different person from before.

The Bad.

Hold my coffee while I search for a negative thing in the drama.


It’s been a long time since I had fun watching a modern drama like this. Most modern dramas bore the h*ll out of me when they reach the final episode but not this one. From the arranged marriage with no love to a real marriage filled with love. Begin again is a drama to watch, it has great cast and yeah, there’s a lot of comedy there so be prepared to hurt your lungs. I wouldn’t mind watching it for the second time if I have time.



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