The Days Of Seclusion And Love

The Days Of Seclusion And Love Chinese drama
It tells the story of Guan Qingyue, a proud and bloody female "god of war" who has been fighting on the battlefield with her father since she was a child, and has become a powerful figure everywhere. But the powerful female general has a "girl's dream". Because she admires the eldest prince Yin Gezhi, she transforms into a

The Comic Bang

The Comic Bang Chinese drama
Lu Yeqi, an intelligent second-year student of the Mathematics major, has always been known for been low profile and mysterious. Unbeknownst to others, he has a hidden occupation - as a professional shoju comic artist. However as a science student,

The Emperor’s Love

The Emperor's Love Chinese drama
It tells the story of Jiu Zhuangye, the "God of War" and ruler of the world, and Ai Qinghuan, an intern doctor from a parallel time and space. They become entangled in a dangerous and passionate love-hate relationship. Jiu Zhuangye is a strategist

The Double

The Double Chinese drama
Xue Li, the county magistrate's daughter with a good family and a happy life, lost everything after a huge change. Entrusted by her savior, Jiang Ruoyu, the daughter of Zhongshu Ling, she returned to the

Smile Code

Smile Code Chinese drama
It tells the story of a down-and-out part-time talk show actress and an aloof male audience member suffering from alexithymia who get close to each other and heal each other. A love story of a

Ski Into Love

Ski Into Love Chinese drama
Manga artist Wei Zhi loses her pen name and copyrights after a scandal, turning to skiing for a fresh start. At Beishan Snow Resort, she encounters coach Shan Chong, a former snowboarder. Wei Zhi's


Serendipity Chinese drama
Jian Mingshu, a daughter of the Jian Mansion in Jiangning, accidentally fell off a cliff and lost her memory. However, she escaped the massacre and was rescued by her sweetheart, Lu Wan. The two went t

Under The Glory

Under The Glory Chinese drama
Lu Zhenting, who made a fortune in his early years, had a mediocre nature. Although his property accounted for half of Jiangcheng, his health was deteriorating