Perfect Match Chinese drama
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Title: Perfect Match

Chinese Title: 五福临门 / Wu Fu Lin Men

Broadcast Network: Mango TV

Broadcast Date:

Genre: Historical, Romance, Family, Comedy, Business

Director: Yang Huan, Bai Yun Mo, Ma Shi Ge

Screenwriter: Zhou Mo

Producer: Yu Zheng, Li Xiu Zhen

Stylist: Song Xiao Tao

Art Director: Luan He Xin

Production Company: Huanyu Film

Episodes: 32

Perfect Match Synopsis

During the reign of Renzong in the Northern Song Dynasty, Bianjing was prosperous, and its reputation spread far and wide. Madame Li, from a wealthy family in Luoyang, moved her family to Bianjing, firstly to join her second daughter, Fu Hui, who married young, and secondly to resolve an old matter. The most proud thing in Mrs. Li’s life is that she has five beautiful daughters.

Unfortunately, her eldest daughter, Shou Hua, is a widow in her youth and has no intention of remarrying; third daughter Kang Ning has a fierce temperament and is nicknamed Rouge Tiger; fourth daughter Hao De is a virtuous person with a straightforward temperament and a soft-spoken voice. Unobstructed, fifth daughter Le Shan is overly pampered and has eyes above her head. The daughters were all famous in Luoyang for their beauty and talent, but it was difficult for them to get married, which became a worry for Madame Li. So, she made a bold decision to go to Beijing to find another good match for her daughter.

Everyone rushed to Bianjing excitedly, but their confidence was shattered by reality. The second mother was shut down by her natal sisters for no reason, and it was difficult to settle down. The Li family had to work together to start a business again and slowly looked for a good husband with both political integrity and talent. There were many twists and turns along the way and frequent jokes. In the end, the Li family’s daughters’ wishes come true, and they find a good match, creating a lively comedy of marriage in the Northern Song Dynasty.

Perfect Match Cast

Liu Xie Ning as Shou Hua, eldest daughter
Wu Xuan Yi as Fu Hui, second daughter
Lu Yu Xiao as Kang Ning, third daughter
Ke Ying as Hao De, fourth daughter
Huangyang Tian Tian as Le Shan, fifth daughter
Chen He Yi as Du Yangxi, Shou Hua’s husband
Huang Sheng Chi as Fan Lianghan, Fu Hui’s husband
Wang Xing Yue as Chai An, Kang Ning’s husband
Liang Yong Qi as Shen Huizhao, Hao De’s husband
Dong Si Cheng as Yang Xian, Le Shan’s husband
Ni Hong Jie as Madame Li
Zhao Qing as Chun Lai
Pan You Cheng as Qing Shi
Sun Jing Jing as Yang Shu Niang

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