Reborn For Love

Reborn For Love Chinese drama
In order to save her mother, Nan Yan, a "round" girl who is obsessed with farming, stepped into the fairyland, but accidentally planted a "concentric lock" to conclude marriage with Emperor Ji Yang who is hiding his identity by mistake.

An Indelible Destiny

An Indelible Destiny Chinese drama
Tells the story of the arrogant and cold-faced female detective Li Yiyue and the Prince of Northern Sea, Tong Ling, who met, fell in love, and forgot each other to save the common people, and then met again for the sake of justice, hated each other, fell in love, and stayed together.

Lin Jiang Xian

Lin Jiang Xian Chinese drama
In a captivating fairytale, Li Qingyue, a powerful immortal blessed by the Four Spirits, and Bai Jiusi, a revered master of Dacheng, find themselves drawn together. However, a cruel twist of fate leads to a misunderstanding that ignites a heartbreaking conflict, even resulting in their demise.

The Legend Of Shen Li

The Legend Of Shen Li Chinese drama
Shen Li is an experienced general bestowed with the title of Goddess Bi Cang. She was born in the demon world. Pressured into a political marriage with the Celestial

Paladin Legend

Sword And Fairy Chinese drama
Yun Tian He was orphaned at a young age. He meets Han Ling Sha, a girl who attempts to break into his father's tomb. They embark on a journey together as he searches for his own identity.

Nai He Ming Yue Si Hua Nian

Nai He Ming Yue Si Hua Nian Chinese drama
Set in the ancient times, it revolves around the romantic entanglement of the sun deity, Prince Nian and moon deity, Princess Jiu Yue who are at odds with each other due to the power struggles of the six realms.

The Little Red Matchmaker

The Little Red Matchmaker Chinese drama
500 years ago, Hongluan and Tianxi fought against the nine-tailed fox. Tianxixing decided to use up his thousand-year soul power to seal the nine-tailed fox for Hongluanxing. Hong Luanxing, who lost her

Cai Yun Yi San Liu Li Cui

Cai Yun Yi San Liu Li Cui Chinese drama
The story is set in a fictional world ruled by five great tribes. Mu Jingzhi is a youth from the Chishanmu Tribe who stands out for his outstanding abilities and is thus envied by many. Despite his playful nature, he is pure and kind. One day, he sang a song of

Xian Yu

Xian Yu Chinese drama
After meeting Sima Jiao, the master of Gengchen Immortal Mansion who has been sealed in the mountains for five hundred years, and Liao Tingyan who unexpectedly came to the world of immortality, he was overcome by his "salted fish" instinct of wanting nothing.