Romance In The Alley

Romance In The Alley Chinese drama
In the late 1970s, two families, Zhuang and Lin, lived in an alley in the family area of ​​a cotton spinning factory in Suzhou. As the college entrance examination resumes, Zhuang Chaoying, a teacher, and his wife


Northward Chinese drama
The story tells the story of young people who grew up by the canal and went from Flower Street to Beijing. After spending their innocent youth, they also experienced a positive and difficult period of going north to start a business. When glory or

Always On The Move

Always On The Move Chinese drama
In the late 1970s, on the steam train from Ningyang to Harbin, a young police officer Wang Xin is on duty and shuttling among crowds of passengers. He mistakes an old railway policeman Ma Kui as a fugitive, and their conflict gradually develops into a mentor-and-apprentice friendship.

Created In China

Created In China Chinese drama
In the late 1990s, Liu Jun who studied in Germany returns to his hometown of Donghai. Following the tide of the times, he is determined to modernize his father's old machinery factory with leading technology.

Scout Hero

Scout Hero Chinese drama
Liang Chen, the chief of the reconnaissance section of a certain division of the Volunteer Army, led the division's reconnaissance company to complete many seemingly impossible tasks. They rescued cultural workers who were captured by the enemy's infiltration team

Unshakable Faith

Unshakable Faith Chinese drama
Police officer Pang Hongmei amid the many obstacles created by U.S. and Jiang spy agents, rescued Ji Danyang, a patriotic scientist who returned from the United States from the enemy spy. She accompanied Ji Danyang to Lumen City to participate in the "Water Drop Project".