Li Yitong Boyfriend? Li Yitong was seen with a mysterious man at night.

On May 16, well-known actress Li Yitong was rushed to the hot search. A video of her was exposed by the media. After having dinner with Fan Chengcheng and Maichao late at night, she waited for someone on the side of the road.

Li Yitong was very close to the man, and the man took the initiative to hold Li Yitong’s hand, put her in a car, and then went to a hotel for the night.

It is suspected to be her boyfriend, but netizens are probably supportive. After all, she is also in her 30s and it is time to fall in love.

Li Yitong’s studio responded saying that it was a private itinerary for a friend’s gathering, and the dinner took place in Before Beijing’s epidemic prevention and control measures were tightened.

I honestly don’t think we as fans should follow our Idols’ personal lives. We should only care about what their work not their lives, they’re also humans.

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