Rise Again: The Tale of Xu Yunlong

Rise Again: The Tale of Xu Yunlong Chinese drama
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Title: Rise Again: The Tale of Xu Yunlong

Chinese Title: 我叫徐云龙之东山再起 / Wo Jiao Xu Yun Long Zhi Dong Shan Zai Qi

Broadcast Network: Youku

Broadcast Date: 08 April 2024

Genre: Business, Inspirational

Director: Nian Jian Lun

Screenwriter: Song Xiao

Producer: Zhang Si Yu, Sun Yu, Bi Zhi Qi

Executive Producer: Liu Hua Bo, Guo Jing Jing

Production Company: Youku

Episodes: 24

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Rise Again: The Tale of Xu Yunlong Synopsis

Business genius Xu Yunlong is highly regarded within the group, arousing intense jealousy from Zhang Feng, the son of the chairman. For a smooth succession to power, Zhang Feng seduces Xu Yunlong’s wife to cheat on Xu.

Then, they set up a scheme to ruin Xu’s reputation together and subject him to various torments before tossing him into the river. However, justice has long arms, which allows Xu to get away with it by a fluke. From then on, he adopts the alias “Wu Ergou” and starts from scratch as the poor son-in-law of a noodle shop’s owner. With determination and resilience, he embarks on a journey of entrepreneurial success, vowing to defeat Zhang Feng and make a comeback in the business world

Rise Again: The Tale of Xu Yunlong Cast

Yuan Fu Fu as Xu Yunlong / Wu Ergou
Sun Jian Qi as Zhang Feng
Wang Kai Mu as Shu Yuan
Sun Li Han as Ling Jian
Xu Xiang as Liu Peng
Zhao An Di as Su Jinyu
Liu Rong Rong as Luo Min
Li Bo Rong as Zhou Ting
Fan Di Yu as Ling Shuang

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