Dream City Chinese drama
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Title: Dream City

Chinese Title: 梦想城 / Meng Xiang Cheng

Broadcast Network: CCTV, Youku

Broadcast Date: 09 July 2024

Genre: Business, Workplace

Director: Dong Fu Lai, Bo Lin

Screenwriter: Liu Ke Zhong

Producer: Wu Jia Ping, Zi Hua

Episodes: 40

Dream City Synopsis

A capital game of a foreign-funded data company in Jiangnan City shattered the dream of super coder Luo Chengyu to reach the top of technology. He couldn’t bear the technological monopoly and profit exploitation of foreign-funded enterprises, and had a conflict with the parent company’s parachuted executives Chu Ange and Mason.

Luo Chengyu ignored the opposition of his girlfriend Jiang Yifei, led the team to resign collectively, and started his own business. On the road to entrepreneurship, he was besieged by business rivals, betrayed by his brothers and girlfriend, and killed, got to know, and fell in love with his old enemy Chu Ange. With the support of Jiangnan City’s top officials and patriotic e-commerce giants, they joined hands to break the technological monopoly, break through the siege of commercial wars, build an international big data company, and forge a city of smart dreams. In the end, the dreams of career, love, and patriotism came true.

Dream City Cast

Yang Shuo as Luo Chengyu
Jiang Xin as Chu Ange
Wang Zi Jian as Wang Tao

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