The Legend Of Taotie

The Legend Of Taotie Chinese drama
Set in the Great Liang Dynasty, the story revolves around Tian Xiang Restaurant, a famed restaurant in Wu Xia City. Shopkeeper Zhu Chengbi and accountant Chang Qing are known to be a bickering couple. They underwent many heart-pounding and earth-shaking incidents and together came up with many delicious dishes

Burning Flames

Burning Flames Chinese drama
In ancient times, the Yun clan appeared in the world and was able to control the power between heaven and earth. While other races had previously bowed to this power, the human King Xin chose a different path and challenged the overwhelming power as a mortal. However, when he lost to Ditian, the king of the Yun clan, he perished

The Legends Of Changing Destiny

The Legends Of Changing Destiny
An ordinary mortal man accidentally travels through time and finds himself in a distant past where he becomes a Monkey. He'll fight the shackles that tie him down to this new forced fate, embarking on an epic adventure against gods and demons.