Life After Life

Life After Life Chinese drama
Meng You, a young Lingguan from Lingyuan who has the natural ability to cry, accidentally lets Li Bugui go after he didn't drink the Forget-Sorrow Soup, putting Lingyuan and her grandmother in a difficult situation.

Present is Present

Present is Present Chinese drama
Although Yuan Xia grew up in difficulties, she always looked toward the sunny environment. Running in both directions with Wei Zi Qi, they travel through time and space. In countless parallel universes,

My Divine Emissary

My Divine Emissary Chinese drama
Li Mengmeng, an underachiever modern girl who lacks self-confidence and is cared by nodody, misses a step, getting into a strange time and space- the Qi State, and becoming a divine emissary. Unexpectedly here, she successfully turns the

Hear Your Heart

Hear Your Heart Chinese drama
The flower shop owner and love consultant Su Yi, has heterochromatic pupils. She can hear other's thoughts. By a twist of ate, she meets Lin Xu Feng, who has returned to start a business in his homeland. After coincidentally encountering each other several times, they gradually develop feelings for each other. Unexpectedly, their true love's kiss unlocks memories sealed fo

Playing House

Playing House Chinese drama
The story of online editor He Luyan and hotel entrepreneur Qi Lin who time-traveled into a complaint written by He Luyan at the same time. One became an undercover

Fortune Writer

Fortune Writer Chinese drama
Su Yunqi, the legitimate daughter of the Prime Minister, accidentally discovers that she is the supporting character in the Book of Fate, with her fate set within. Facing such an unjust fate, Su Yunqi chooses to rebel.