Guardians Of The Lands

Guardians Of The Lands Chinese drama
While chasing a group of drug traffickers, a former agent finds himself stranded in a small town in the mountains. There, he finds an entrance to a mysterious world filled with shadows. Together with the leader of the mountain guards, they launch a strange adventure in the new world.

My Eternal Star

My Eternal Star Chinese drama
Lu Siheng is the CEO of an IT company and is known as the "male god" of the industry. He was separated from his childhood playmate, and kept to himself ever since.

Thousands Of Years Of Love

Thousands Of Years Of Love Chinese drama
Demon Lord Feng Ruoyao has the body of a phoenix and leads the demon world. She falls in love with the immortal Lord Mo Chenyuan at first sight and forcibly abducts him back to the demon world to get married.

The Divine Healer

The Divine Healer Chinese drama
Xiao Lan, the herbs elf in Herb Village, unexpectedly saved the medical officer A Jiu, who could break through the "boundary" of Herb Village. Little did she know that A Jiu

Xing Chen Ling

Xing Chen Ling Chinese Drama
At both ends of the Milky Way are two rulers obsessed with the life and death of all things. One day, the two rulers started a gamble using one's feelings as a medium and one's life as the wager. Using the Beidou Black Pearl to descend to the world of mortals, they experienced three generations of love tribulations.

The Shadow

The Shadow Chinese drama
On a fateful night, Shen Zhiheng, a well-known gentleman of high society, crosses paths with Milan, the daughter of a wealthy businessman who has been blind since birth. Milan momentarily regains her sight to break through Shen Zhiheng’s secret to immortality.