20 Upcoming Chinese Dramas In 2024

2024 is here and I have to say, it will be an incredible year for us Chinese drama lovers (that’s if no one gets canceled again). I want to give you a glimpse of what 2024 has in store by giving you a list of 20 upcoming Chinese dramas 2024.

Falling In Love

Falling In Love Chinese drama

Yue Qianling has had a crush on Gu Xun for a very long time, She finally confesses her feelings for him as he is about to graduate, but it ends in a rejection.

Amidst A Snowstorm Of Love

Amidst a Snowstorm of Love

Former genius professional snooker player Lin Yiyang and popular nine-ball player Yin Guo met on a blizzard night that was rare in ten years. With the help of Yin Guo’s cousin, the two gradually became familiar with each other, and Yin Guo also learned about Lin Yiyang’s past.

A Forbidden Marriage

A Forbidden Marriage Chinese drama

A woman from the demon sect is determined to realize her dream. They say that Shishu (Uncle-Master Yang Qing) from the righteous sect is a very good person, helpful and unorthodox. She wants to marry such a man

The Legendary Chitose-Sama

The Legendary Chitose-Sama

The wealthy young lady Jun Qinglan had her home confiscated and her family exterminated. Her fiancé Li Congyao not only failed to save her but also disfigured her appearance. Jun Qinglan escaped by chance and changed into the number one widower, just to reverse the case and take revenge.

Moonlight Mystique

Moonlight Mystique Chinese drama

Bai Shuo, the youngest daughter of the General’s Mansion, made a vow to cultivate immortality as a way to repay a favor. While on her journey to seek immortality, she unexpectedly saved the powerful demon god, Fan Yue. Initially strangers, they gradually went from mutual manipulation to mutual affection, and eventually, both fell in love. 

Dramatic Self-Help Strategy

Dramatic Self-Help Strategy

Actress Li Wei Wei time travels to ancient times and takes the place of the silly princess Li Cai Wei, who is engaged to Shen Hua Jin. But on the day before they are scheduled to marry, he’s murdered.

My Battle With Marriage

My Battle With Marriage Chinese drama

The play tells the marriage story between public interest lawyer Ning Yue and her husband Hu Cheng. Locking the narrative perspective within marriage, by dismantling the emotional development in the relationship between husband and wife, it explores the current concepts of marriage, love, and life choices among young and middle-aged people.

Better Halves

Better Halves Chinese drama

Shi Fake, is the pampered daughter of a family of matchmakers who only wants to eat, sleep and be happy, but her mother is adamant that she inherits the family trade of matchmaking. Lu Chi pretends to be a wealthy man and is secretly sent by the emperor to look into influential forces within the imperial city.

Love And Sword

Love And Sword Chinese drama

Fang Yi, an ordinary-looking urban otaku girl, unexpectedly fell into the world of martial arts. She thought she would start a legendary mode of gratification and revenge, but instead, Rong Shukuang, a swordsman with no martial arts skills, appeared instead.

Love Is Always Online

Love Is Always Online Chinese drama

Jiang Anlan, CEO of Shi Rui company, wants to search for the woman named Yao Yuan who saved his life when he was young. When he finds out that she plays an online game named “Sheng Shi”, he then enters the game and saves her life, before proudly declaring they get married in the game.

Love Has Fireworks

Love Has Fireworks Chinese drama

Qian Fei, an investment bank employee, was originally immersed in the happiness of planning her future life, but unexpectedly, her fiance Wang Ruohai chose not to walk with her anymore. From then on, Qian Fei was forced to embark on the arduous journey of re-planning her life and career.

What If

What If Synopsis

The drama tells the story of how an ordinary girl Xia Guo chooses when faced with two different choices, and what happens in each timeline.

In Blossom

In Blossom Chinese drama

In the sinful city of Heyang, Pan Yue, who was throwing lots of fruit and carts, married Yang Cai Wei, whom everyone despises. On the day of the wedding, Yang Cai Wei was killed, and the suspect was Pan Yue. Yang Cai Wei, who “resurrected from the dead”, returned “fiercely” under the guise of “evil girl” Shangguan Zhi and was about to expose Pan Yue’s true face.

Burning Flames

Burning Flames Chinese drama

In ancient times, the Yun clan appeared in the world and was able to control the power between heaven and earth. While other races had previously bowed to this power, the human King Xin chose a different path and challenged the overwhelming power as a mortal. However, when he lost to Ditian, the king of the Yun clan, he perished in battle. At the cost of her life, the princess protected Prince Wu Geng from being chased by the Yun clan.

My Boss

My Boss Chinese drama

Cheng Yao, who dreamt of becoming a lawyer, was recruited by a top law firm. Hence, she decides to move to an apartment closer to her workplace. However, Cheng Yao did not expect to have a housemate, whom she could not get along with.

Fox Spirit Matchmaker: Zhu Ye

Fox Spirit Matchmaker: Zhu Ye

It tells the story of Dongfang Huaizhu and Wang Quan Hongye, the helmsmen of two major families, Dongfang Family and Wang Quan Family, trying to regain their strength in a situation where humans and monsters are at odds with each other.

The Fragments Of Kylin

The Fragments Of Kylin Chinese drama

Three years after the war between humans and demons, the Xuanyuan family and the Mo family, two demon-hunter households, allied. Shi Si, the daughter of the Demon King, lost her memory and became a cute, naive woman who didn’t understand the world.

Kill Me Love Me

Kill Me Love Me

Prince Murong Jinghe of Dayan led the Weibei Army to regain the lost territory of Qingzhou. After Zhanjie entered the city, Qingzhou suffered a fire. Rumors in the city were that Murong Jing and General Weibei hated the people of Qingzhou for betraying Dayan, so after entering the city, they issued the order to set fire to the city and massacre it.

A Moment But Forever

A Moment But Forever Chinese drama

To retrieve the Heavenly Realm’s treasure, Goddess Wu Shuang descends to Earth to assassinate Yuan Zhong, the high priest of Youhu Clan. Wu Shuang discovers other secrets in the process, and the two fall in love and join hands to save the world.

Joy Of Life Season 2

Joy Of Life Season 2 Chinese drama

The drama continues from the first season of the Joy of Life trilogy, following the story of Fan Xian as he gains a stronghold in the court to eventually overthrow Emperor Liu Yu.

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