Yu Nu Jiao

Yu Nu Jiao Chinese drama
Xie Yun, a noblewoman of the Xie family, is strong-willed and intelligent. After her family fell into trouble, she was saved by Yin Ji and stayed by his side. However, due to a misunderstanding in their youth, the two continued to be entangled in a sadomasochistic relationship.

My Cat Burglar

My Cat Burglar Chinese drama
The story of this drama revolves around the "Cat Hire House" in Lin'an City in the Southern Song Dynasty. When she was young, the proprietress Zhang Qiaoer learned some cat training skills from the craftsmen who came and went in the tile shop.

The Last Cook

The Last Cook Chinese drama
Set in the final years of the Qing Dynasty, the drama tells the story of Rong’er, a commoner who by chance comes upon the opportunity to serve in the palace as a lady-in-waiting.

Life After Life

Life After Life Chinese drama
Meng You, a young Lingguan from Lingyuan who has the natural ability to cry, accidentally lets Li Bugui go after he didn't drink the Forget-Sorrow Soup, putting Lingyuan and her grandmother in a difficult situation.

Shadows of You

Shadows of You Chinese drama
Wu Xing Yu, the new captain of the Jinlin Guard, is newly married to silver hairpin maker Hua Jian Jiu when a mysterious murder case occurs in the capital. As she investigates, the clues begin to point to h

Practice Daughter

Practice Daughter Chinese drama
As the daughter of the Prime Minister, Mei Yushan exchanges her life with Douzi, a skilled thief. With very different personalities and identities, they spark many hilarious stories in the process of exchanging their lives.

Cycle Love

Cycle Love Chinese drama
The story of cartoonist Gu Wenhao who accidentally met Lu Ling, the villain in his comics, after he returned to his hometown ancient town. Lu Ling recognized him as the villain of his comics.

Mei Ren Mou

Mei Ren Mou Chinese drama
The current Queen, Wang Yunci, is murdered. After falling into the water, she is reborn with the help of an ancient jade pendant and assumes a new identity as Princess Duan Jiang Jinli.

The Strange Princess

The Strange Princess Chinese drama
King Ma Dayou kidnaps Princess Jiang Qian'er but gets struck by lightning, causing them to magically swap bodies and form an unexpected bond. Jiang Qian'er wants to return to her body and marry her beloved General Lu Tianxing, while Ma Dayou seeks revenge for his father.