Smile Code

Smile Code Chinese drama
It tells the story of a down-and-out part-time talk show actress and an aloof male audience member suffering from alexithymia who get close to each other and heal each other. A love story of a

Xiao Yuan Man

Xiao Yuan Man Chinese drama
A writer contracted by Meng Sheng Culture. Yu Jing and Gu Jiahui have been busy with their careers for three years and have no time to prepare for pregnancy. Mother-in-law Chen Guihua and her niece came to the hospital uninvited to give birth, almost

Kuaguzhou Hutong

Kuaguzhou Hutong Chinese drama
In the mid-1980s, Wang Xiaoqing and Du Mantang were childhood sweethearts, but Zhang Zezhong took advantage of Wang Xiaoqing's mother's objections. However,

Growing Together

Growing Together Chinese drama
Screenwriter Liu Xiangshang has a relatively free schedule in his daily schedule. He is responsible for the education and care of his son Guoning and daughter Guobao at home, while his wife Dai Jing chooses to work in an out-of-town company with a higher salary.

Growing Pains Of Swordsmen

Growing Pains Of Swordsmen Chinese drama
The pugilistic world is plagued by turbulence and disputes have become an ordinary occurrence. Four unique individuals - Guo Da Lu, Wang Dong, Lin Tai Ping, and Yan Qi have gathered in Gui Shan Zhuang through a