The Legend of Heroes

The Legend of Heroes Chinese drama
A gathering of great warriors brings forth a joyful martial art world. A new tradition reboots the martial arts.

An He Zhuan

An He Zhuan Chinese drama
"The Dark River" is the most mysterious assassin organization in the martial arts world, consisting of the Su, Xie, and Mu families, with the leaders of the three families collectively referred to as the Grand Elders.

Secrets Of The Shadow Sect

Secrets Of The Shadow Sect Chinese drama
Morally ambiguous, the Spiritual Heaven Sect is an influential sect that has remained in seclusion for years. Its Young Lady, Ling Xuan, encountered a pair of dying siblings during her travels ten years ago. In

Xia Ke Xing Bu Tong

Xia Ke Xing Bu Tong Chinese drama
Gou Lingfeng was the son of a wealthy businessman, but he always wanted to be a hero. He went to the mountains to practice martial arts for 18 years, but was told by his

Mysterious Lotus Casebook

Ten years ago, Li Xiangyi, the master of Si Gu Sect, dominated with his superior swordsmanship and was a symbol of light in the martial arts world. However, he suddenly disappeared along with Di Feisheng, the leader of the Jin Yuan Alliance, after they arranged to battle in the East Sea.

Growing Pains Of Swordsmen

Growing Pains Of Swordsmen Chinese drama
The pugilistic world is plagued by turbulence and disputes have become an ordinary occurrence. Four unique individuals - Guo Da Lu, Wang Dong, Lin Tai Ping, and Yan Qi have gathered in Gui Shan Zhuang through a

Dashing Youth

Dashing Youth Chinese drama
Baili Dong Jun, the youngest son of the Hou Mansion in Zhenxi, has been stubborn since childhood. He was not good at poems and books, and he also did not like to read

Xing Chen Ling

Xing Chen Ling Chinese Drama
At both ends of the Milky Way are two rulers obsessed with the life and death of all things. One day, the two rulers started a gamble using one's feelings as a medium and one's life as the wager. Using the Beidou Black Pearl to descend to the world of mortals, they experienced three generations of love tribulations.

Snowy Night · Timeless Love

Snowy Night · Timeless Love Chinese drama
It tells the story of Xue Ziye, the master of the Medicine Valley; and Huo Zhanbai, a talented and unruly swordsman who was originally a disciple of the Tianshan Sect. Huo Zhanbai seeks medicine for his friend's son and meets Xue Ziye. They gradually fell in love with each other after years of ups and downs.

Love And Sword 

Love And Sword Chinese drama
Fang Yi, an ordinary-looking urban otaku girl, unexpectedly fell into the world of martial arts. She thought she would start a legendary mode of gratification and revenge, but instead, Rong Shukuang, a swordsman with no martial arts skills, appeared instead.

Kill Me Love Me

Kill Me Love Me
Prince Murong Jinghe of Dayan led the Weibei Army to regain the lost territory of Qingzhou. After Zhanjie entered the city, Qingzhou suffered a fire. Rumors in the city were that Murong Jing and General Weibei hated the people of Qingzhou for betraying Dayan, so after