Shui Long Yin

Shui Long Yin Chinese drama
It tells the story of Tang Lici, the adopted son of the emperor of the current dynasty, as he investigates a murder case and uncovers the shady story of the world.

Growing Pains Of Swordsmen

Growing Pains Of Swordsmen Chinese drama
The pugilistic world is plagued by turbulence and disputes have become an ordinary occurrence. Four unique individuals - Guo Da Lu, Wang Dong, Lin Tai Ping, and Yan Qi have gathered in Gui Shan Zhuang through a

Xing Chen Ling

Xing Chen Ling Chinese Drama
At both ends of the Milky Way are two rulers obsessed with the life and death of all things. One day, the two rulers started a gamble using one's feelings as a medium and one's life as the wager. Using the Beidou Black Pearl to descend to the world of mortals, they experienced three generations of love tribulations.

Snowy Night · Timeless Love

Snowy Night · Timeless Love Chinese drama
It tells the story of Xue Ziye, the master of the Medicine Valley; and Huo Zhanbai, a talented and unruly swordsman who was originally a disciple of the Tianshan Sect. Huo Zhanbai seeks medicine for his friend's son and meets Xue Ziye. They gradually fell in love with each other after years of ups and downs.

Love And Sword 

Love And Sword Chinese drama
Fang Yi, an ordinary-looking urban otaku girl, unexpectedly fell into the world of martial arts. She thought she would start a legendary mode of gratification and revenge, but instead, Rong Shukuang, a swordsman with no martial arts skills, appeared instead.

Kill Me Love Me

Kill Me Love Me
Prince Murong Jinghe of Dayan led the Weibei Army to regain the lost territory of Qingzhou. After Zhanjie entered the city, Qingzhou suffered a fire. Rumors in the city were that Murong Jing and General Weibei hated the people of Qingzhou for betraying Dayan, so after

Hero Legends

Hero Legends Chinese drama
The story unfolds from a mysterious parchment scroll, in which a group of influential figures go through twists and turns and bizarre fates, face the choices of love and hate, and finally realize their ideal ambition to serve the country.

Eternal Brotherhood

Eternal Brotherhood Chinese drama
Story of Zichuan Xiu, heir of the Zichuan family, who teamed up with his sworn brothers Di Lin and Si Te Lin to protect his family against both internal and external threats. It also showcases the story of the

Wanru’s Journey

Wanru's Journey
Ever since Murong Zhuwan faked her identity to pretend to be from a prominent family, she is pulled into bloody disputes in the pugilistic world. Clueless about matters of the heart, she becomes enamored by martial arts genius Murong

Wulin Heroes

Wulin Heroes Chinese Drama
Ye Xi, a kind-hearted and good-natured girl, aspires to become a pugilistic hero of her generation. Having no experience in jianghu, she harbors a beautiful fantasy toward the wulin as well as love. Ye Xi wholeheartedly helps the weak but does not understand the sinister side of the human heart.

The Ingenious One

The Ingenious One
The story of Yun Xiang, a young man who enters the Jianghu with a mission from his family after 10 years of practice. In the process of wandering the world, Yun Xiang makes friends with several people and start to experience the warmth of friendship. The quirky, intelligent and smart woman, Shu Yanan, makes Yun Xiang fall in love with her.