Fifth Place Fortune

Fifth Place Fortune Chinese drama
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Title: Fifth Place Fortune

Chinese Title: 第五名发家 / Di Wu Ming Fa Jia

Broadcast Network: Youku

Broadcast Date:

Genre: Business, Comedy, Drama

Director: Shi Lei

Screenwriter: Wang Peng, Yu Tian Hua

Producer: Guo Qi

Production Company: Alibaba Pictures, Youku

Episodes: 32

Fifth Place Fortune Synopsis

It tells the absurd and legendary entrepreneurial story of a diaosi male protagonist. The protagonist’s name is No. 5. He is 26 years old. He turns out to be a college student with high hopes from his family. He is not only honest and smart, but also excellent in character and academics. At first, he was favored by a local company and given a heavy responsibility, but unfortunately he lost his job due to an accident and was saddled with huge debts.

The fifth man fled back to the mountain village to escape the debt but was chased into the village by a beautiful creditor. To protect his widowed sister-in-law and the family’s reputation, the fifth man is determined to repay his huge debt. After returning to the village, he witnessed the poor life of the villagers. With the ardent expectations of his widowed sister-in-law, No. 5 found an opportunity to make a fortune in the village and earned his first pot of gold by selling insects.

Then he led the villagers on the road to wealth. No. 5, who is usually regarded as a talented person by the village, looks good on the surface but secretly is a debtor. With the dual feelings of ice and fire, No. 5 is forced to embark on the absurd and legendary road of entrepreneurship.

Fifth Place Fortune Cast

He Peng as Di Wuming
Liu Guan Cheng
Lin Yong Jian as Hu Zhishu
Jill Hsu as Qian Guanyue

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