Peacock In Wonderland

Peacock In Wonderland Chinese drama
Intangible cultural heritage blogger Hua Ni opens an antique magic box and travels through thousands of years to a mysterious time and space. She becomes a sacrificial goddess peacock. She accidentally gets

People’s Police

People's Police Chinese drama
Ten years ago, when Zhao Haiyang and Fang Fang were chasing the murderer of a family extermination case, Zhao Haiyang's unusual behavior alerted the gangster,

Perfect Her

Perfect Her Chinese drama
Housewife Bai Li encounters a marriage change, and her souls are exchanged with the third party involved in the marriage, Ning Mochen, who is also a wealthy daughter. Bai Li was forced to get involved in the grudges of wealthy families, and used the identity of Ning Mochen to outsmart her scumbag ex-husband.

Open My Journals

Qian Jiayue, a 15-year-old "good girl", was admitted to a key high school in the city and began to face various learning challenges. Her plan to confess her love

Notes Of DNA Appraiser

Notes Of DNA Appraiser Chinese drama
Tells the story of Xu Ziqi, a new DNA paternity tester, under the guidance of Mo Li, director of the Xinnuo Paternity Testing Center, and joins hands with the passionate young man Zhu Xinchen to fearlessly face the challenges that are coming one after


Northward Chinese drama
The story tells the story of young people who grew up by the canal and went from Flower Street to Beijing. After spending their innocent youth, they also experienced a positive and difficult period of going north to start a business. When glory or

Nai He Ming Yue Si Hua Nian

Nai He Ming Yue Si Hua Nian Chinese drama
Set in the ancient times, it revolves around the romantic entanglement of the sun deity, Prince Nian and moon deity, Princess Jiu Yue who are at odds with each other due to the power struggles of the six realms.

Mo Ran

Mo Ran Chinese drama
By chance, female surgeon Qi Yue finds herself in ancient times inside the body of Qi Yue Niang, the young master's wife who has been murdered. Qi Yue's arrival causes a commotion. In this new environment, she has no choice but to thrive amidst the