Reborn Chinese drama
In 2007, 16-year-old girl Qiao Qingyu and her family, tormented by rumors about her sister Qiao Baiyu's death, were forced to relocate from their small county town of Shunyun to the provincial capital of

Open My Journals

Qian Jiayue, a 15-year-old "good girl", was admitted to a key high school in the city and began to face various learning challenges. Her plan to confess her love

Go! Beach Volleyball Girls

Go! Beach Volleyball Girls Chinese Drama
Eighteen-year-old genius Volleyball player Chen Weilan receives a heavy blow after failing to qualify for the national youth team. After a quarrel with her mother, she returns to her home village and enrolls in the local academy. Under the goading of her playful grandpa, she joins the beach

Go Back Lover

Go Back Lover Chinese drama
In the second semester of her sophomore year of high school, Shen Xingruo transferred back to Xingcheng Mingli Middle School and stayed at the home of her father's friend Lu Shan. Shen Xingruo

First Frost

First Frost Chinese drama
Wen Yifan returned to his hometown to work and unexpectedly met Sang Yan, his high school classmate. Reunited after a long absence, the two pretended not to know

Young Babylon

Young Babylon Chinese drama
In the early 1990s, in Fucheng, a small town on the southeast coast, a group of teenagers were chasing youth on the train of the times. They were enthusiastic and reckless, growing up wantonly and barbarically.

You Are My Lover Friend

You Are My Lover Friend Chinese drama
Tang Yang and Jiang Shiyan were high school classmates and are close friends for ten years. After finishing school, they both passionately pursued careers in bank credit review and new media communication. Tang Yang helped the families of military martyrs start businesses in her

Visual Sound

Visual Sound Chinese drama
Wei Zhen is a senior student majoring in recording engineering at East China University. He is naturally very sensitive to sound and can distinguish all the tiny sounds in the environment. As a result, he has an unusual talent for sound creation