My Cat Burglar

My Cat Burglar Chinese drama
The story of this drama revolves around the "Cat Hire House" in Lin'an City in the Southern Song Dynasty. When she was young, the proprietress Zhang Qiaoer learned some cat training skills from the craftsmen who came and went in the tile shop.

Insect Detective 2

Insect Detective 2 Chinese drama
Tan Jingtian and Jin Ling went to Thailand to participate in exchange studies. They met Thai police chief Vararilo due to a case of torture and murder of a missing girl caused by the smuggling of Indian national butterflies,

Present is Present

Present is Present Chinese drama
Although Yuan Xia grew up in difficulties, she always looked toward the sunny environment. Running in both directions with Wei Zi Qi, they travel through time and space. In countless parallel universes,

The Warrior

The Warrior Chinese drama
Set in Jiangcheng during the Republic of China, it tells the story of Yan Yumo, a CCP intelligence agent who came from a family of calligraphers and painters. After infiltrating the Kuomintang, she met

The Mystery House

The Mystery House Chinese drama
The story of an infatuated man Bai Xiaojun who moved to the dilapidated Tongzilou where his fiancée disappeared. To find his fiancée Chen Qiao who suddenly lost contact, and met a mysterious man there.

Blood Problem

Blood Problem Chinese drama
A corpse appeared in the panda statue in Fangda Square in Binchuan City, which brought two young people related to the case together to solve the mystery of their life experiences.

False Face and True Feelings

False Face and True Feelings Chinese drama
Ye Yifan, once an innocent youth, swears revenge after his family is slaughtered, transforming into the ruthless and enigmatic crime boss known as "Mr. Mo." It is in this guise that he encounters Xia Zhiqiu, a dancer. Thus begins a love game between hunter and prey.

No One Survival

No One Survival Chinese drama
During the Republic of China's turbulent era, Jiang Yuening and her fiancé embark on the cruise ship "Bliss." However, their journey takes a dark turn when killings occur in the hands of a masked figure

Voice of the Death

Voice of the Death Chinese drama
The story tells of Qin Ming, a corpse whisperer, who uses his experience and knowledge to understand and read different corpses, listening to the different stories they tell.