The Assassin

The Assassin Chinese drama
The story is set against the backdrop of the turbulent mid-Tang Dynasty after the Anshi Rebellion. Various feudal vassals plotted to separate the empire. Qingyi Mansion, which protects the imperial city, and Jianghu

Tell No One

Tell No One Chinese drama
Zheng Ying, an old police officer who is about to retire, goes undercover as an overseas businessman to trade with Liu Qing's gang. However, he mysteriously disappeared after he successfully caught the gang red-handed.

Stealing Time

Stealing Time Chinese drama
The train station is a mixed bag of good and bad, with little policemen and criminals walking around. Under each inconspicuous skin, there are not only magical powers, but also their own secret past. No one is the

The Hunter

The Hunter Chinese drama
In the peaceful coastal town of Sanping City, the anti-narcotics brigade accidentally seized a batch of new methamphetamine during an operation. Its scale and purity were extremely rare. Sanping Public


Reborn Chinese drama
In 2007, 16-year-old girl Qiao Qingyu and her family, tormented by rumors about her sister Qiao Baiyu's death, were forced to relocate from their small county town of Shunyun to the provincial capital of

Riverside Scene At Qingming Festival

Riverside Scene At Qingming Festival Chinese drama
A strange case of "the plum boat disappearing into a fairy" occurred in the Qingming market in the Northern Song Dynasty! Since then, it has caused a butterfly effect and serial cases, which almost shake the entire world situation. In Zhang Zeduan's "A Picture of a River on the Qingming Festival", the fate of all the

Notes Of DNA Appraiser

Notes Of DNA Appraiser Chinese drama
Tells the story of Xu Ziqi, a new DNA paternity tester, under the guidance of Mo Li, director of the Xinnuo Paternity Testing Center, and joins hands with the passionate young man Zhu Xinchen to fearlessly face the challenges that are coming one after

Love Song In Winter

Love Song In Winter Chinese drama
On her way to work the night shift, Lu Yan, an anesthesiologist, "runs into" her friend Deng Man, who has been "dead" for many years, and strange things have happened since then. Detective Jiang Chengyi, Lu Yan's ex-boyfriend whom she broke up with many years ago, also gets caught in the

Faith & Law

Faith & Law Chinese drama
The Fufeng Laoji who has experienced social hardship and the passionate young man who is just starting out, two prosecutors with completely different

Frozen Surface

Frozen Surface Chinese drama
Lanhe, a quiet northeastern town, caused a stir due to a bizarre murder case. A murder occurred at Hongqiao Group, a well-known local company. Three people were killed overnight. The criminal suspect Yang Si was arrested and brought to justice while on the run