Ci Ke Wu Sheng

Ci Ke Wu Sheng Chinese drama
Deaf housewife Mai Lingjing has a perfect husband Wang Shiming and a considerate best friend Su Xi. However, her seemingly happy life is shattered after she accidentally regains her hearing.

Lianli Assassin

Lianli Assassin Chinese drama
During the Republic of China, Feng Xiao, the adopted son of a wealthy businessman, and Lin Wan Xiu, the adopted daughter of a warlord, were married. But were assassins with hidden agendas. The two need to trust in love and resolve their misunde

Bian Shui Wang Shi

Bian Shui Wang Shi Chinese drama
The three slopes are a tropical exotic land where fish and dragons are mixed, a mottled place where prosperity and decay coexist. Bai Shenxing, a young worker who unexpectedly lives in Sanbiangpo, meets Uncle Cai, a peacemaker from Sanbipo who wanders among many forces.

Miss Tanya

Miss Tanya Chinese drama
The Nyonya "Tianya" from a hundred years ago "reappeared" due to the research of Singaporean scientists. She got acquainted with the online ride-hailing driver Ah Hong

The Limbo

The Limbo Chinese drama
As the New Year approaches, a sudden subsidence accident occurred at Luobai Department Store, a long-established shopping mall in Haizhou City, trapping 13 people underground. This race between time and life brings many tests of

The Game of Blazing Love

The Game of Blazing Love Chinese drama
It tells the story of Xu Nuo, the daughter of the Yuanfei Group, who grew up doted on by her parents. After returning from studying abroad, she was shocked to find that her originally happy family had been