Go East

Go East Chinese drama
It tells the story of Yuan Mo, A Shu, Wang Kunwu, Yu Chihua who live in this small world. It is a story about people from all over the world who have ideals and bravely fight for their country, justice and justice.

Under The Moonlight

Under The Moonlight Chinese drama
It tells the story of Luo Shu, who has a bumpy fate and dares to save himself despite being trapped in a quagmire. He meets Qi Menglin, a high-spirited man who only wants to make a career in the world. The two work together through thick and thin to investigate the case

Follow Your Heart

Follow Your Heart
While secretly investigating a case, Jiang Xin Bai, a proud prince and the head constable who suffers from face blindness, accidentally meets the unorthodox Yan Nan Xing, a female doctor who changes her appearance every month. They were at odds when they met and in order

Warm On A Cold Night

Warm On A Cold Night
A bizarre murder case brings together female constable Su Jiu'er from the cold Qian Kingdom and young master Han Zheng of the warm Qi Tribe. The complementary cold and warm duo work together to break through the fog of conspiracy and discover the truth behind the case concerning their rival tribes.


Faithful Chinese drama
A young woman named Lin Rulan who put her reputation on the line to air her grievances dies in vain. Seven years later, nine people who are inextricably linked to the Ru Lan case get together for different