A Better Life Chinese drama
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Title: A Better Life

Chinese Title: 三十九二十八 / San Shi Jiu Er Shi Ba

Also known As: 蛮好的人生 / Man Hao De Ren Sheng

Broadcast Network: Youku

Broadcast Date: TBA

Genre: Workplace

Director: Wang Jun

Screenwriter: Fei Hui Jun, Li Xiao Liang

Production Company: Youku, SMG Pictures

Episodes: 36

A Better Life Synopsis

Hu Manli, a thirty-nine-year-old insurance practitioner, lost her marriage and job at the same time when she thought she was about to reach the peak of her life. Competitors secretly interfered, and Hu Manli was fired from the company, and the instigator turned out to be 28-year-old Xue Xiaozhou.

After several encounters between Hu Manli and Xue Xiaozhou, they gradually went from misunderstanding to mutual recognition. Hu Manli decided to ignore the past grudges and join forces with Xue Xiaozhou to start over. Xue Xiaozhou has grown into a gold medal seller who cannot be underestimated in the insurance industry, and Hu Manli has also decided to return to her career home ground.

A Better Life Cast

Sun Li as Hu Manli
Dong Zi Jian as Xue Xiaozhou
Myolie Wu as Qiu Lisu
Gao Xin as Ding Zhiyuan
Ye Qing as Tang Ling
Kang Ning as Yuki / Li Yuke
Xu Wei Luo as Ding Da’er

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