Bian Shui Wang Shi

Bian Shui Wang Shi Chinese drama
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Chinese Title: 边水往事 / Bian Shui Wang Shi

Broadcast Network: CCTV, Youku

Broadcast Date: TBA

Genre: Crime, Suspense

Screenwriter: Lao Suan, Cui Xiao Xue

Producer: Cao Bao Ping

Episodes: 16

Bian Shui Wang Shi Synopsis

The three slopes are a tropical exotic land where fish and dragons are mixed, and a mottled place where prosperity and decay coexist. Bai Shenxing, a young worker who unexpectedly lives in Sanbiangpo, meets Uncle Cai, a peacemaker from Sanbipo who wanders among many forces. An adventure, a return guided by a glimmer of kindness, and how the struggle between staying and escaping will play out. ?

Bian Shui Wang Shi Cast

Guo Qi Lin as Shen Xing
Francis Ng as Uncle Cai

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