Love Trap

Love Trap Chinese drama
The story of Jiang Dongsheng, Xiaobei, Chengzi, and others who fell into a criminal organization and were forced to commit fraud, and escaped after experiencing a life-and-death crisis.

Bian Shui Wang Shi

Bian Shui Wang Shi Chinese drama
The three slopes are a tropical exotic land where fish and dragons are mixed, a mottled place where prosperity and decay coexist. Bai Shenxing, a young worker who unexpectedly lives in Sanbiangpo, meets Uncle Cai, a peacemaker from Sanbipo who wanders among many forces.

Detective Chinatown 2

Detective Chinatown 2 Chinese drama
A series of bizarre cases have re-emerged overseas. With Tang Ren's senior disciple Lin Mo, the genius hacker Kiko, and many new detectives and characters making their appearances one after another! In the pursuit of truth, the veteran detectives

Trident 2

Trident 2 synopsis
The story of three old policemen who were once all-powerful. Faced with a new type of crime, they worked together to innovate detection methods and finally broke the

Thunder Chaser

Thunder Chaser Chinese drama
To tackle the ever-growing drug trade, a selection process was held to recruit the best members to join the drug enforcement agency. Three young policemen stood out in the selection process - Zhuang Yan, Li Xiao, and Wei Kai. Under the leadership of

The Truth

The Truth Chinese drama
The Criminal Technology Section of the Yunxi Public Security Bureau is the gathering place for local important and strange cases. Led by section chief Chen Guo Xian, the investigation team, formed

The First Shot

The First Shot Chinese drama

Title: The First Shot Chinese Title: 雪迷宫 / Xue Mi Gong Broadcast Network: Youku Broadcast Date: Genre: Crime, Detective Director:…

Tell No One

Tell No One Chinese drama
Zheng Ying, an old police officer who is about to retire, goes undercover as an overseas businessman to trade with Liu Qing's gang. However, he mysteriously disappeared after he successfully caught the gang red-handed.

Stealing Time

Stealing Time Chinese drama
The train station is a mixed bag of good and bad, with little policemen and criminals walking around. Under each inconspicuous skin, there are not only magical powers, but also their own secret past. No one is the

The Hunter

The Hunter Chinese drama
In the peaceful coastal town of Sanping City, the anti-narcotics brigade accidentally seized a batch of new methamphetamine during an operation. Its scale and purity were extremely rare. Sanping Public

In Darkness

In Darkness Chinese drama
Xie Gangshan is an undercover police who has successfully infiltrated the biggest drug trade organization. However, at the most important juncture of his mission, he died in an accident. Not bearing the fruits of his


Hunting Chinese drama
After the "clearance operation", new and old anti-narcotics officers such as Yang Yipeng and Zhi'an of the Nanzhou Anti-drug Brigade continued to hunt down the