Meet Miss Anxiety

Meet Miss Anxiety Chinese drama
Wei Jia, a white-collared office lady, suffers a series of setbacks after breaking up with her boyfriend and failing to be promoted. Under a huge amount of stress, she suffers

Love In The Desert

Love In The Desert Chinese drama
During a wedding trip, Huang Beishang met three men who could control the desert at the same time. Her fate was also involved in the struggle between the three men to dominate the desert. However, Huang

Love Song In Winter

Love Song In Winter Chinese drama
On her way to work the night shift, Lu Yan, an anesthesiologist, "runs into" her friend Deng Man, who has been "dead" for many years, and strange things have happened since then. Detective Jiang Chengyi, Lu Yan's ex-boyfriend whom she broke up with many years ago, also gets caught in the

Liu Zhou Story

Liu Zhou Story Chinese drama
A noble who in escaping an arranged marriage gets into a sticky situation, and loses her memory. She is then rescued by a bandit and ends up joining his group and build a relationship with him.

Kuaguzhou Hutong

Kuaguzhou Hutong Chinese drama
In the mid-1980s, Wang Xiaoqing and Du Mantang were childhood sweethearts, but Zhang Zezhong took advantage of Wang Xiaoqing's mother's objections. However,

Imagination Season

Imagination Season Chinese drama
About four friends in university who meet after graduation and decide to start a business together. They prepare to use the mindset of the Internet generation coupled with a whole new business model, to serve

In Darkness

In Darkness Chinese drama
Xie Gangshan is an undercover police who has successfully infiltrated the biggest drug trade organization. However, at the most important juncture of his mission, he died in an accident. Not bearing the fruits of his