Ba Qian Li Lu Yun He Yue

Ba Qian Li Lu Yun He Yue Chinese drama
At the beginning of the Anti-Japanese War, the cook Meng Wan Fu only wanted to live but was arrested by the national army and forced to fight. General Zhang Yun Kui was loyal to the country, but the whole army was destroyed by his boss's wrong order.

A Soldier’s Story

A Soldier's Story Chinese drama
The play tells the story of Gou Sheng, who joins the army for love, encounters many situations, makes people laugh and cry, and finally grows into a revolutionary warrior.

Scout Hero

Scout Hero Chinese drama
Liang Chen, the chief of the reconnaissance section of a certain division of the Volunteer Army, led the division's reconnaissance company to complete many seemingly impossible tasks. They rescued cultural workers who were captured by the enemy's infiltration team

Eternal Brotherhood

Eternal Brotherhood Chinese drama
Story of Zichuan Xiu, heir of the Zichuan family, who teamed up with his sworn brothers Di Lin and Si Te Lin to protect his family against both internal and external threats. It also showcases the story of the

A Lonely Hero’s Journey

A Lonely Hero’s Journey
Gu Yizhong, a scion of the Gu family in Suzhou, returns to China after completing his studies in the Architecture Department at the University of Pennsylvania. When the war breaks out, a failed rescue mission to assist his underground party girlfriend exposes all the contacts of the Suzhou underground organization.