Bu Si Yi: Zhi Guai
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Chinese Title: 不思异:志怪 / Bu Si Yi: Zhi Guai

Broadcast Network: Sohu TV

Broadcast Date: TBA

Genre: Historical, Supernatural, Suspense

Production Company: Sohu TV, Manuel Entertainment

Director: Xi Wen Ting


Bu Si Yi: Zhi Guai Synopsis

The story of Wu Jin, an exorcist with the power of the moon, who travels around the world and vows to eliminate all evil spirits. He is accompanied by Shuiyao, a survivor of the Changxu Kingdom, Song Zhiru, the first female shopkeeper in Tianluo Town, and Li Yan, an upright scholar, and works together to solve the mystery of evil. As the truth of the mystery is revealed one after another, while Wu Jinshui Yao is secretly in love, the dark secrets of the past have surfaced. The world is at stake, and everyone will face the most severe test.

Bu Si Yi: Zhi Guai Cast

He Chang Xi as Wu Jin
Zhao Jia Min as Shui Yao
Yuan Zi Ming as Li Yan
Xue Hui Wei as Song Zhiru
Tan Jia Tai as Yu Hui
Su Yi Yang as Da Ju

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