Shui Long Yin

Shui Long Yin Chinese drama
It tells the story of Tang Lici, the adopted son of the emperor of the current dynasty, as he investigates a murder case and uncovers the shady story of the world.

Stealing Time

Stealing Time Chinese drama
The train station is a mixed bag of good and bad, with little policemen and criminals walking around. Under each inconspicuous skin, there are not only magical powers, but also their own secret past. No one is the


Serendipity Chinese drama
Jian Mingshu, a daughter of the Jian Mansion in Jiangning, accidentally fell off a cliff and lost her memory. However, she escaped the massacre and was rescued by her sweetheart, Lu Wan. The two went t


Reborn Chinese drama
In 2007, 16-year-old girl Qiao Qingyu and her family, tormented by rumors about her sister Qiao Baiyu's death, were forced to relocate from their small county town of Shunyun to the provincial capital of


Regeneration Chinese drama
Female journalist He Shan was invited to attend Fei Ke’s memorial service, along with five other strangers who each had an unknown connection to Fei Ke. They soon discovered that they all knew

Riverside Scene At Qingming Festival

Riverside Scene At Qingming Festival Chinese drama
A strange case of "the plum boat disappearing into a fairy" occurred in the Qingming market in the Northern Song Dynasty! Since then, it has caused a butterfly effect and serial cases, which almost shake the entire world situation. In Zhang Zeduan's "A Picture of a River on the Qingming Festival", the fate of all the

Romance In The Alley

Romance In The Alley Chinese drama
In the late 1970s, two families, Zhuang and Lin, lived in an alley in the family area of ​​a cotton spinning factory in Suzhou. As the college entrance examination resumes, Zhuang Chaoying, a teacher, and his wife

Rose And Gun

Rose And Gun Chinese drama
Tang Xin, an independent woman, is a workaholic and never thinks that marriage is a necessary thing in life. At the strong request of her father, she meets Wu Si, her blind date. Wu Si is an excellent military

Quiet Among Disquiet

Quiet Among Disquiet Chinese drama
After graduating from university, a recruitment notice led Lin Mo to apply for a job as a magazine editor. She helps "Feng Shang" magazine publication grow from a small magazine house to a renowned one. However, the arrival international