Angels and Guards Chinese drama
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Title: Angels and Guards

Chinese Title: 一念初见锦衣谣 / Yi Nian Chu Jian Jin Yi Yao

Broadcast Network:

Broadcast Date: TBA

Genre: Historical, Investigation, Romance

Director: Guo Hao

Screenwriter: Ma Guang Yuan, Zhu Bi Yuan

Episodes: 25

Angels and Guards Synopsis

Shen Bingfan, a young girl who avenges her father, disguises her identity and is admitted to Fusi, Jinyiwei North Town, to find out the truth about her father’s unjust case. In the process of investigating the case, She met the handyman Duoyu, the mysterious boss Chang Beiming, and Guan Yunfeng. A group of like-minded young warriors became confidants. They have ideals and missions, are not afraid of power, and repeatedly solve strange cases. They gradually uncover the truth of the unjust cases and bring justice to the traitors hidden in the Jinyi Guards.

Angels and Guards Cast

Zhang Nan as Shen Bingfan
Li Yi Zhen as Hua Mange
Ge Qiu Gu as Xu Duoyu
Jiang Chao as Chang Beiming
Dai Ya Qi as Cheng Xintian
Liu Shuai as Guan Yunfeng
Deng Xiao Ci as Fa Yuanrong
Li Ang as Lu Guokai

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