Wo Shi Xing Jing

Wo Shi Xing Jing Chinese drama
Qin Chuan, who graduated from the police academy, and his friends Ye Maosheng and Li Wen returned to their hometown with "heroic dreams and criminal police dreams" and became ordinary police station policemen.

Thunder Chaser

Thunder Chaser Chinese drama
To tackle the ever-growing drug trade, a selection process was held to recruit the best members to join the drug enforcement agency. Three young policemen stood out in the selection process - Zhuang Yan, Li Xiao, and Wei Kai. Under the leadership of

People’s Police

People's Police Chinese drama
Ten years ago, when Zhao Haiyang and Fang Fang were chasing the murderer of a family extermination case, Zhao Haiyang's unusual behavior alerted the gangster,

Always On The Move

Always On The Move Chinese drama
In the late 1970s, on the steam train from Ningyang to Harbin, a young police officer Wang Xin is on duty and shuttling among crowds of passengers. He mistakes an old railway policeman Ma Kui as a fugitive, and their conflict gradually develops into a mentor-and-apprentice friendship.


Fire Chinese drama
To thwart the crimes of criminals, young police officers were forced to reveal their undercover status in the international drug trafficking gang "Tian Lang", and some comrades were also suspected of being

Sword Rose

Sword Rose Chinese drama
A female police officer looking to find out the truth behind her boyfriend’s death is transferred to the department working on kidnapping and abductions.