Roses & Guns

Roses & Guns Chinese drama
To find out the truth about the Wen family's annihilation, Wen Yunong entered the Qin family under false identities. However, she reunited with her lover Qin Kewen three years ago, and her mission was

Dark Night And Dawn

Dark Night And Dawn Chinese drama
In 1943, an explosion in Shanghai leads to the first showdown of skills between Lu Zheng Yang, a member of the Communist underground, and Lin Shao Bai, a policeman.

Chang Feng Po Lang

Chang Feng Po Lang Chinese drama
Set in 1928, it tells the story of Wei Ruolai and his determination to courageously pursue his strong aspirations in serving his country. He regarded Shen Tunan, a senior adviser, as his mentor when he was a low-level employee at a financial institution.

Miss Mystery

Miss Mystery Chinese drama
Xue Tong, the daughter of a wealthy family, witnessed her entire family being massacred in her childhood. Eighteen years later, Xue Tong returned to her hometown under the alias "Lin Bao’er and hatched an elaborate plan to eliminate the

The Forerunner

The Forerunner
The story of how Mao Zedong, a young man who returned from the First Congress of the Communist Party of China from 1921 to 1927, was worried about where the Chinese nation would go.

Mutual Redemption Love

Mutual Redemption Love Chinese drama
In the wake of the Qing Dynasty's collapse in 1912, the last royal princess faces tragedy as her family is ruthlessly exterminated. Raised in secrecy by a loyal servant, the princess harbors a burning desire for revenge.

The Shadow

The Shadow Chinese drama
On a fateful night, Shen Zhiheng, a well-known gentleman of high society, crosses paths with Milan, the daughter of a wealthy businessman who has been blind since birth. Milan momentarily regains her sight to break through Shen Zhiheng’s secret to immortality.