Special Action

Special Action Chinese drama
In 1948, after the publication of the "May 1st slogan", a group of patriotic democrats in Hong Kong, represented by Professor Tong Jiangnan, actively respond

The Warrior

The Warrior Chinese drama
Set in Jiangcheng during the Republic of China, it tells the story of Yan Yumo, a CCP intelligence agent who came from a family of calligraphers and painters. After infiltrating the Kuomintang, she met

The Revenge of Begonia

The Revenge of Begonia Chinese drama
Yuncheng's famous actress Yang Aning goes to great lengths to avenge her senior brother, and commits herself to He Xingzhou, the son of a warlord. She carefully lays a trap and uses him to get closer to the center of power step

Lianli Assassin

Lianli Assassin Chinese drama
During the Republic of China, Feng Xiao, the adopted son of a wealthy businessman, and Lin Wan Xiu, the adopted daughter of a warlord, were married. But were assassins with hidden agendas. The two need to trust in love and resolve their misunde

Moon Full West Tower

Moon Full West Tower Chinese drama
To assassinate the warlord Jiang Ao, the down-and-out daughter Tingyue deliberately approached the warlord Jiang Huaifeng, pretending to work for Jiang Ao, but found that the warlord turned out to be Jiang Yin

False Face and True Feelings

False Face and True Feelings Chinese drama
Ye Yifan, once an innocent youth, swears revenge after his family is slaughtered, transforming into the ruthless and enigmatic crime boss known as "Mr. Mo." It is in this guise that he encounters Xia Zhiqiu, a dancer. Thus begins a love game between hunter and prey.

No One Survival

No One Survival Chinese drama
During the Republic of China's turbulent era, Jiang Yuening and her fiancé embark on the cruise ship "Bliss." However, their journey takes a dark turn when killings occur in the hands of a masked figure

Sacrifice for Love

Sacrifice for Love Chinese drama
The murder of a dancer sets off a chain reaction of dark forces in Nancheng during the Republican era. Gu Manqing witnesses her sister's murder by Lu Yichuan's hands on her wedding day. She escapes, starting a new life with a new identity.

War Of Faith

War Of Faith Chinese drama
Set in 1928, it tells the story of Wei Ruolai and his determination to courageously pursue his strong aspirations in serving his country. He regarded Shen Tunan, a senior adviser, as his mentor when he was a low-level employee at a financial institution.

Shanghai Picked Flowers

Shanghai Picked Flowers Chinese drama
Set during the year 1910 in old Shanghai, it follows an inconsequential paparazzi who becomes a big shot in the industry and his involvement with ten female celebrities