The Substitute Love Chinese drama
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Title: The Substitute Love

Chinese Title: 替嫁小才女 / Ti Jia Xiao Cai Nu

Also known As: 唐小山赶考记 / Tang Xiao Shan Gan Kao Ji

Broadcast Network: Youku

Broadcast Date:

Genre: Historical, Romance, Comedy, School

Director: Chen Guo Hua

Production Company: Star 48 Culture and Media Group

Episodes: 30

The Substitute Love Synopsis

Tang Xiaoshan, an off-start constable, accidentally becomes the talented lady of Tao Hua City. However, as she is not well-versed in literature and arts, she hopes to get eliminated as soon as possible. However, she meets Ying Chengmo, the most talented scholar on the campus. Thus begins their love journey.

The Substitute Love Cast

Sun Zhen Ni as Tang Xiaoshan
Zhang Zhi Hao as Ying Chengmo
Jiang Rui Lin as Ying Chengmo (young)
Lu Ting Yu as Shi Jinlan
Zhang Yu Ge as Ji Chenyu
Zhou Zhao Yuan as Song Li
Yvonne Yung as Chief of Dong Yin City
Fan Ming as Tang Dayin
Gao Rong as Yue Ying
Zheng Tang Yuan as Yang Youting
Pei Lei as Cao Xinyi
Zhang Mi Mi as Dou Ling’er
Hu Kun as Shi Rong
Lu Tian Hui as Luo Hong
Zhang Run as Shangguan Hui
Zhao Xuan He as Lu’er
Zhang Miao Miao as Yao Xiaoshan

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