People’s Police

People's Police Chinese drama
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Title: People’s Police

Chinese Title: 人民警察 / Ren Min Jing Cha

Broadcast Network: Dragon TV, Jiangsu TV

Broadcast Date:

Genre: Police

Director: Ji Tian Yi

Screenwriter: Zhang Qiang

Production Company: The Ministry of Public Security Shield Entertainment Center, He Li Cheng Guang, Omnijoi Media

Episodes: 40

People’s Police Synopsis

Ten years ago, when Zhao Haiyang and Fang Fang were chasing the murderer of a family extermination case, Zhao Haiyang’s unusual behavior alerted the gangster, leading to the sacrifice of their master Xia Hui. Ten years later, Zhao Haiyang grew from an ordinary police officer to the deputy director of the Dongzhou City Public Security Bureau, while Fang Fang returned to Dongzhou City with the technological achievements he developed to carry out police reform.

The meeting between the two was not as friendly as expected. Zhao Haiyang was full of prejudices against Fang Fang, and was also full of resistance to the police reform ideas he brought. In recent years, various new crime models have not only overwhelmed Zhao Haiyang, but also caused his wife An Ping, who is also a police officer, to be sent to the police station. When he was at a loss, Fang Fang used new criminal investigation techniques to solve many problems for Zhao Haiyang.

Intelligent transportation, synthetic investigation centers, and grid construction make it impossible for criminals to escape, the anti-fraud center makes it impossible for fraudsters to start, and the establishment of an environmental food and medicine detachment allows people to eat with more confidence. The police reform work has also gradually begun, and initial results have been achieved. Just when everything was going smoothly, the murderer of the family extermination case fifteen years ago surfaced. Zhao Haiyang and Fang Fang joined forces and vowed to bring the murderer to justice. However, during the investigation, there always seemed to be a powerful force obstructing the detection of the case

People’s Police Cast

Lu Yi as Zhao Haiyang
Wan Qian as An Ping
Ma Yuan as Fang Cheng
Li Nai Wen as Liu Guangsheng
Feng Lei as Liang Zhen
Yang Li Xin as An Limin
Wang Ban as Lu Hongquan
Tan Kai as Xia Hui
Wang Yu as Xia Tian
Wang Cheng as Zhang Penghao
Hua Wen as Li Bingbing
Lou Jia Yue as Meng Qian
Cao Zhen Lin as Lin Yi

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