Sword Rose Chinese drama
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Title: Sword Rose

Chinese Title: 利剑玫瑰 / Li Jian Mei Gui

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Broadcast Date:

Genre: Police, Crime

Director: Su Wan Cong

Screenwriter: Geng Hui Dong (耿慧东), Huang Kai Wen, Chen Tian Qi (陈天麒)

Production Company: Tencent Penguin Pictures

Episodes: 30

Sword Rose Synopsis

A female police officer looking to find out the truth behind her boyfriend’s death is transferred to the department working on kidnapping and abductions.

Sword Rose Cast

Dilireba as Deng Yan
Jin Shi Jia as Chang Rui
Li Zhi as Sun Wenhan
Wang Yi Zhe as Yang Jiajia
Feng Guo Qiang as Chief Xiao

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