Thunder Chaser Chinese drama

Title: Thunder Chaser

Chinese Title: 雷霆令 / Lei Ting Ling

Broadcast Network:

Broadcast Date:

Genre: Police, Crime

Director: Lin Feng

Screenwriter: Lu Dong

Producer: Sun Ying

Production Company: Golden Shield, Television Center, Chang Chun Film Group

Episodes: 36

Thunder Chaser Synopsis

To tackle the ever-growing drug trade, a selection process was held to recruit the best members to join the drug enforcement agency. Three young policemen stood out in the selection process – Zhuang Yan, Li Xiao, and Wei Kai. Under the leadership of Captain Bai Hua and vice-captain Lu Wei, the men went through life-and-death situations, successfully infiltrating their enemies’ nests and bringing the criminals to justice.

Thunder Chaser Cast

Jin Han as Zhuang Yan
Qin Hai Lu as Bai Hua
Liu Duan Duan as Li Xiao
Yuan Bing Yan as Ge Dan
Xu Ya Jun as Ma Jingrong
Wang Long Zheng as Li Qiang
Ray Lui as Long Zhi Yuan
Li Zi Xiong as Ti Dale
Jiang Hong Bo as Mu Qing
Ding Hai Feng as Huang Lie
Chunyu Shan Shan as Jiang Liye
Pan Tai Ming as Shen Cheng
Su Bei Chen as Guan Qiang
Wang Ze Lin as Zhao Ming
Xu Lei Zhi as Cheng Weimin
Zhang Zi Dong as Xu Duoduo
Hao Ze Jia as Li Siqi
Wang Xing Chen as Sha Ti
Chen Liang as Wen Qing

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