The House Of 72 Tenants

The House Of 72 Tenants Chinese drama
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Title: The House Of 72 Tenants

Chinese Title: 欢笑老弄堂 / Huan Xiao Lao Nong Tang

Also known As: 七十二家新房客 / Qi Shi Er Jia Xin Ke Fang

Broadcast Network: Dragon TV

Broadcast Date: 16 May 2024

Genre: Comedy

Director: Li Ya Fei

Screenwriter: Ma Jun Ying

Production Company: CMC Studios

Episodes: 30

The House Of 72 Tenants Synopsis

A group of “social animals” living in Shanghai accidentally find themselves in a bizarre situation. They embark on a fast-paced “script killing” adventure, traveling between the dual timelines of the Republic of China and modern Shanghai. They experience four classic Shanghai storylines, exploring themes of love and adventure. Along the way, they take risks and hilariously showcase the new style of Generation Z.

The House Of 72 Tenants Cast

Sun Yi Zhou as Peter Ma / Xiao Pijiang
Deng Jia Jia as Zeng Huan / A Xiang
Yang Hao Yu as Teacher Zhao
Sui Yong Liang as Long Wu
Fan Tian Tian as Hu Manli / CEO Qiao
Isabelle Huang as Lin Yuanyuan / Han Meimei
Li Dian Zun as Du Fumin / Di Ziyuan
Xu Yu Lan as Old Madame Lin

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