Go Back Lover

Go Back Lover Chinese drama
In the second semester of her sophomore year of high school, Shen Xingruo transferred back to Xingcheng Mingli Middle School and stayed at the home of her father's friend Lu Shan. Shen Xingruo

The Hope

The Hope Chinese drama
Once a top lecturer, Lei Ming who has experienced repeated failures in his attempts to start a business applied for a high school teaching job. Lei Ming's plan

Moments Of Youth

Moments Of Youth Chinese drama
"Sick Cat" Chen Ting, a freshman at Xicheng Technical School, secretly changes his major from cooking to auto-repairing to resist his father's harsh discipline. He thus becomes acquainted with a group of friends, including "Page Boy Hao," a junior who is keen to create avant-garde fashion, and "Shark Zhen," a locomotive girl who is eager to go to Hong Kong to pursue her dream.

Love Is Written In The Stars

Love Is Written In The Stars Chinese drama
Zhou Yuan, a girl who gets sick the moment she falls in love, disguises herself as a guy and enters Qing Yun Academy in order to protect her brother. There, she meets Wei Qi, a young master who is scared of marriage and is rumored to jinx his future wife.

Cute Bad Guy

Cute Bad Guy Chinese drama
This is the story of Xia Yu Meng, a young cartoonist, and her creation Shen Ming Xi, the villain in her comic book. On a day when the celestial phenomenon was abnormal, Shen Ming Xi suddenly traveled