Chinese Drama: Defying the Storm(Hu Yitian, Zhang Ruonan, Wang Jinsong, Zhang Xilin)

Hu Yitian, Zhang Ruonan, Wang Jinsong, Zhang Xilin
Title: Defying the Storm / A Storm of Wind and Cloud

Chinese Title: 凭栏一片风云起 / Ping Lan Yi Pian Feng Yun Qi

Broadcast Network: Hunan TV

Broadcast Website: Mango TV, Tencent

Broadcast Date: May 19, 2022

Genre: Republican, War

Language: Mandarin

Episodes: 30

Director: Jin Chen

Screenwriter: Mai Ling, Wu Xiaomei

Production Company: Huace Film & TV, Zhongtian Quexi

Executive Producer: Zhao Yifang, Fu Binxing, Wu Xiaomei, Zhang Zhuo

Producer: Sun Xu

Origin: China


Set against the backdrop of the formation of National Southwest Associated University (commonly known as ‘Lianda’), the story follows intellectuals in Beiping and the choices and sacrifices made by two generations to keep the flames of civilization alive.

Beiping fell to Japanese forces in 1937. Several northern universities decided to move south to Changsha, however, war soon broke out. Meng Haitang, a lecturer at the National Peking University School of Medicine, had to flee with the young students. In order to preserve their national heritage, a group of Chinese intellectuals came to form the National Southwest Associated University while in exile.

Haitang and Zhang Qi fell in love. Upon arriving in Chongqing, they supported each other in establishing a medical school under Peking University. However, Haitang was dismissed from her position. The couple travelled west to Kunming, got married and reestablished a medical school in Mengzi. During the Battle of Northern Burma and Western Yunnan, Haitang and Zhang Qi led students to provide medical aid. No matter how hard, these are people who embody the fearless university spirit of contemporary youth.

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