Lost in the Shadows

Lost in the Shadows Chinese drama
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Title: Lost in the Shadows

Chinese Title: 看不见影子的少年 / Kan Bu Jian Ying Zi De Shao Nian

Broadcast Network: iQiyi

Broadcast Date: 06 June 2024

Genre: Suspense, Family

Director: Zhou Quan

Production Company: iQiyi

Episodes: 16

Lost in the Shadows Synopsis

In the 1990s, on a night filled with thunder and lightning, a small county town called Zhaoyang witnessed the mysterious pursuit and uncertain fate of a teenager. Two other boys who disappeared with him also vanished without a trace.

Three years later, one of the boys reemerged as a “little pickpocket,” pretending to have lost his memory and returned to his family. Behind the successful recognition, is it a reunion or a continuation of a mistake? Surprisingly, the seemingly reunited family still harbors secrets and threats. An old police officer conducts a covert investigation, and after a cat-and-mouse chase, clues about the whereabouts of the other two missing boys begin to emerge. The truths behind multiple disappearances, human trafficking, manslaughter, and murder cases gradually come to light. As the mystery unravels, the old police officer and the “missing boy” achieve mutual redemption, wrapping this suspenseful narrative into a story about family ties.

Lost in the Shadows Cast

Zhang Song Wen as Wang Shitu
Rong Zi Shan as Bian Jie
Cheng Tai Shen as Jin Manfu
Chen Yu Si as Jin Yan
Li Jian as Qin Yong
Zhao Hua Wei as Du Yi
Zeng You Zhen as Wang Jia
Guo Ke Yu as Bian Meizhen
Zhang Shan Meng as Li Xuemei
Wang Jia Jia as Xu Lu

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