Xiao Yuan Man Chinese drama
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Title: My Little Perfection

Chinese Title: 小圆满 / Xiao Yuan Man

Also known As: 当婆婆来敲门 / Dang Po Po Lai Qiao Men

Broadcast Network: Tencent

Broadcast Date: 24 February 2024

Genre: Family, Comedy, Romance

Director: Mu Wei Si

Episodes: 24

My Little Perfection Synopsis

A writer contracted by Meng Sheng Culture. Yu Jing and Gu Jiahui have been busy with their careers for three years and have no time to prepare for pregnancy. Mother-in-law Chen Guihua and her niece came to the hospital uninvited to give birth, almost pushing the couple’s marriage to the brink of danger. What people didn’t expect was that there was a huge conspiracy behind this farce. In the end, the mother-in-law and daughter-in-law joined forces to fight against the scheming ex-father-in-law…

My Little Perfection Cast

Danson Tang as Gu Jiahui
Li Yi Zhen as Yu Jing
Shen Chang as Chen Guihua
Pang Yi Xin as Xiao Shan

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