Family Chinese drama
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Title: Family

Chinese Title: 上有老下有小 / Shang You Lao Xia You Xiao

Broadcast Network: Zhejiang TV

Broadcast Date: 26 June 2024

Genre: Family

Director: Pan Yue

Screenwriter: Yang Lei

Producer: Chen Lian

Production Company: HualuBaina Film & TV

Episodes: 40

Family Synopsis

Gu Xiaomeng, an excellent high school teacher who has worked hard for many years, and her designer husband Lv Xiang finally bought their own small house, but they also welcomed Lv Xiang’s parents who came to Beijing for medical treatment in the name of vacation.

At the same time, Gu Xiaomeng’s mother Liu Meiqin and younger brother Gu Xiaosong, who were in constant trouble, also came from Suzhou. Gu Xiaosong was repeatedly fooled by the intermediary in order to go abroad, so he sold his house in his hometown and threw Liu Meiqin to Gu Xiaomeng.

Three old people, one drama. When the family was in a mess, Gu Xiaomeng learned that she was pregnant, so the couple began a tortuous life with old people above and young people below. Even though there are all kinds of troubles in life and career, the determination to protect love and home gives them the strength to resolve them one by one. They work tirelessly and strive for their ideal life.

Family Cast

Yang Le as Lu Xiang
Deng Jia Jia as Gu Xiaomeng
Xu Di as Wang Hong
Wu Yu Fang as Liu Meiqin
Qu Guo Qiang as Lv Zhigao
Liu Zhi Yi as Peng Fei
Duan Xing Yu as Zhang Yiyi
Yu Shui Ge as Wang Jiabao
Xie Zhuo Ni as Zhao Ziwen

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